Improve Behavior with Consequence and Reward Jars

I had hoped my daughter’s behavior would improve with age, but I’m realizing I’m in for some trouble.  Instead, I needed to devise a way (or ways) to improve behavior.Turning 5 was bound to be especially difficult.  4 was enough to make me want to drink, pull my hair out, or just walk away.  We began to experience more arguments and tantrums unlike any we’d ever seen.  She’d forgotten her manners.  Unbelievably, I was seeing behaviors that reminded me of myself as a teenager....more

Why is My Child Misbehaving? Looking at Back to School Stress, Perfectionism and All Those Worries Our Kids Keep to Themselves

School began last week, and on Thursday night my children and I kicked off the new year by attending the annual school ice cream social.  There I chatted with a mother who complained that over the past few weeks her daughter had been misbehaving.  She explained to me that she takes away toys as punishment.  Her dilemma, however, was that she had already confiscated so many toys that there were hardly any left to take away.  I commiserated with her a bit, explaining that my daughter had been acting difficult and out of sorts as well.&nbs...more

You are probably doing timeouts all wrong

The last time I put my son in a timeout, I told him to go to my room. This was because every time he has been sent to his room, he still has plenty of fun distractions in there and he doesn't seem to mind as much, so it didn't really feel like he was getting the point of timeouts. It turns out, I might not be getting the point of them either....more

When Your Sweet Baby Turns Into a German Tyrant

Something happens to your baby when he turns one. It may be chemical, it may be hormonal, it may be possession…. But whatever it is, it has the power to change your once precious little lamb into a general from the Third Reich. ...more

The War of Sorry: Should You Always Say It?

There is a battle constantly brewing in our house. There are two sides to every story and this conflict is no different, but it seems that we are in ongoing disagreement about the terms and conditions of saying “I’m sorry.” ...more
ohthesimplejoys I think the modeling part is huge! At the end of the day, I think it all comes ...more

Positive Reinforcement For Kids

Over the years we'd been asked about our "bead earning chart" a few times by some of our fellow parents. We're not judging your techniques or suggesting you try our way because it's the ONLY way. It's just one that has worked in our situation and we have heard many times how it seems like a great idea.  Today we're going to share how it came to be and why we think it's so great. When we started potty training Pie, it became obvious that she had a currency. Back then it was stickers, my goodness did she love stickers, mini marshmallows, and mini m&m's....more

Surviving my Worst Mommying Weekend Ever

My daughter, Honeybun, has an unusually hard life for a five year old who has pretty much everything she could ever dream of.  She also has a really hard time listening, following directions and doing the right thing.  Her poor decision making often gets her a stern talking to or consequence of some kind which lately has resulted in her uttering her current phrase of choice: “This is the worst day ever.”...more

Are Men More Controlling?

I’m not sure. Are you? Women have long been unfairly labeled as bitches when demonstrating firm leadership skills while men are described as strong. This often relates directly to control. I can cite numerous times in the workplace where both men and women have gotten so controlling, so out of hand, that they undermine the morale of their team and the success of the very project their managing. You can too, right?...more

5 Things Kids Do Too Long

I cannot be the only one...who has suffered through one day too many of their child's whining and began to wonder, how long is this whining phase going to last? Some of the things my six year old does seem to never change, perpetuating for what feels like forever.  With this in mind, I decided to list the 5 changes Sonny Boy has been reluctant to make, and, in the name optimism, the changes that happened so fast, I missed them while they were happening.  I am sure you will be able to relate, so here we go: ...more