An open letter to (you know who you are)

By Jennifer Harvey   ...more

What Joan and Melissa Rivers Can Teach You About Codependent Behaviors

This post is not about comedian Joan Rivers winning Celebrity Apprentice, even though it was good to see a 75-year-old get hired, not fired. Neither is it a treatise on whether reality TV is real or not, scripted or improvisational, nor an analysis of whether Joan and her daughter, Melissa Rivers, were acting the night of their foul-mouthed meltdowns. This post is about spotting unhealthy codependent relationships between parents and their adult children. Do you know the signs and symptoms? ...more

I said in my response to Candelaria:

On one level I wanted Joan to win as ...more

Ten Ways to Get Your Kids Organized

Enjoy this latest My Yoga Online article by Ranka Burzan who offers great tips in helping your children stay organized and tidy. An organized space encourages positive energy flow and establishes a foundation of groundness. What occurs internally is greatly influenced by the external environment. ...more

How do you calm your baby?

I'm not sure if there's something wrong with Maia, or if this is just a phase, but lately we've been having a bit of a rough time in this household with her. She's still boycotting naps that last longer than 15 minutes, and at night she sleeps a maximum of three and a half hours before waking up for a feeding. The nighttime thing doesn't bug me too much, because she's miraculously staying asleep when I move her from my arms into the bassinet instead of being super-touchy about it all. And the lack of naps, you know, I could deal with it -- if she didn't need to take them. ...more

That is a great looking shower curtain.

Sometimes a new set of arms make a difference, ...more

Simply Peachy

My iPhone only blog on mishaps and daily occurences,..I’m a mom, and ex home educater enjoying normalized life (as much “normal” as that could be)  And yes, it gets a little TMI,…                 - Amber Austen ...more

Children and Clean Rooms - An Oxymoron

It must be a rite of passage into adulthood, the knowledge that clean and orderly surroundings lead to peace of mind.  Of course not all adults make it to cleanly bliss, but one thing is true, no children are born that way. ...more

I am in the same boat. I like to keep a neat house but my room is NEVER fully clean. My ...more

Open Letter to Hanna Rosin

Dear Ms. Rosin, Part of my professional training program is weekly group supervision with a psychoanalyst.  He stocks his waiting room with a variety of different kinds of magazines, one of them being The Atlantic.  Recently, they published an article you wrote, The Case Against Breastfeeding.   ...more

Room Cleaning: My Efforts At a Balanced Approach

Somewhere, at this very moment, my dad is laughing hysterically that I have been given an assignment to write about room cleaning.  Cosmic irony, and all that.  ...more

I gave my parents the exact same problems as a teen, my room was ...more


Instead of firing GM CEO, buy his cars.  Day late, dollars short, water under the bridge,  I can't help but think about all the work that went into organizing the GM existing structure.  Fighting amongst themselves, bravery and who knows what else it took to get people on the same page, working hard.  Primadonna's are everywhere but not on an assembly line.  We roll the best looking cars and trucks in the world, so pass them out to the citizens; distribute them like dealing playing cards:  Soldiers (they fought braver than I would; families of loss ones/fallen heroes now~  2009 ...more

A lesson best learned young: Accept responsibility for your actions

There are an awful lot of lessons parents can teach their kids about the faltering economy. Here’s a simple one even a kindergartner can grasp: Accepting responsibility for your actions is good. ...more