Mommy, You Sat On Luke (again)!

  At the age of 3, my son Jaden, had a friend named Luke. Everywhere we went, Luke wasn’t far behind. In the morning, Luke was there while my son was getting ready for school. In the afternoon, Luke was sitting right next to him while he was doing his homework. It was Luke, who drew a smiley face of the living room wall. It was also Luke, who was responsible for spilling a gallon of milk one day. ...more

Lizzy, the youngest in the blended family of six, had an imaginary friend named Juice. Juice P ...more

What's a Lollipop?

My husband and I found ourselves in an awkward situation earlier this week. "Nikki, what's a lollipop?" I stared down at my friend's young daughter a little confused. "Um, it's candy," I responded, exchanging glances with my husband who was stifling a laugh. "What do you mean?" "No!" She said. "What does it mean in the song?!" My husband chimed in at this point and said something like, "You know the song...By Lil Wayne? Lick it Like a Lollipop." ...more

Mother Beats Sex Offender

Last Saturday a women by the name of Tammy Gibson, a mother of 2 girls, was sentenced to 3 months in jail for attacking William A. Baldwin, a level-3 sex offender. ...more

That's horrible! I understand how you feel because I am also a mother of two. If this thing ...more

Friendly Advice

In the grand scheme of things, I have an awesome son. He is very smart, clever, funny, and caring. However, he just turned thirteen, and even the best of children are not immune to the teenage years. I'm starting to see the changes in him as he makes the transition from childhood to becoming a young man. It's interesting to witness the conflict within him as he struggles between being the boy who loves and needs his mom, and being the young man who needs his independence and mom is in the way. He's starting to test his limits, not to mention my nerves! ...more

Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

My oldest daughter, Yuna, brought a book home from her school library the other day. It was called: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth I read it to her before bedtime and it turned out to be one of the most touching and beautiful children stories I have ever read. The pictures were breath taking and the story itself had me choked up while reading it. It was that good. ...more

Other People's Kids

“All unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy.”                                           ….sign in a shop window ...more

Blogging Has Helped OUR Economy

Since I started spending time in the 'blogosphere' my husband has noticed a change in our checking account. The change is that there is a little more "change" in it. ...more

Does Daddy Do It "Wrong"?

  I don't know about you, but I tell every about-to-be new mom something like "Congratulations! Find a good couples counselor now!" ...more

Community Solution to Childhood Obesity

Obesity has become a major life-threatening issue, especially in America, and sadly enough, esp ...more

Sometimes moms know more than professionals, because no one knows our kids like we do

From the time he was 18 months, I started hearing comments about Jean's development.  He had hit all his developmental milestones on point:  sat alone by 5 months, crawled at 9 months, walked at 11 months.  But he wasn't too verbal by 18 months and he was a very temperamental baby.  Grandmas (doctors) and great-grandmas (teachers) kept insisting there was something wrong.  By age 2, I finally caved and took him to a pediatric neurologist that specialized in development.  She said he was a strong-willed kid, with a minimal lag in his speech, but developmentally fine.    ...more

Jo of


Wow, sounds like an incredibly difficult ...more