An Abbreviated Lesson on Behavior, Habits and Change

On Friday, February 17, I attended a class for health care professionals (HCP) titled, “How the Brain Forms New Habits and Why Willpower is Not Enough”.  The purpose for me in going was twofold.  The first, and simplest, is that every two years nurses, as well as other HCPs, need a certain amount of continuing education credits in order to renew their licenses.  While home study courses are a convenient way to do this, I like to attend classes, outside the home, for the social aspect and the richness others questions and comments can bring to the offering.  The second is...more
 @elaineR.N. I know what you mean! I am re-reading this as tomorrow is my day for big changes!more

Sticker Chart Blues

Well, it seems I’ve hit yet another parenting milestone.  We had to put up a behavior chart for both kids so they could earn stickers for being good.We’ve done variations of this with Maddie in the past, but this time it required poster board, brand new Sharpie markers and the best stickers money could buy; My Little Pony and Care Bears puffy stickers for Maddie and Monster Jam Monster Trucks and Cars 2 stickers for Colin. ...more

Willpower: It’s all in your head!

With it being early in the New Year, I have read several articles addressing willpower and how to best obtain it.  While I promised myself I wouldn’t blog on New Year’s resolutions, especially about dieting, I couldn’t resist talking about willpower since I don’t have much, if any, about anything and I finally see a glimmer of hope.  ...more
@FatCat I have no excuse and yet there are times I don't do the exercise I should be doing ...more

Parenting with Love, Consistency, and Expectations - Not Manipulation, Bargaining or Fear

So, the other night at bedtime, I totally biffed it and got caught up in the world of manipulation and calling bluffs.It was bedtime and little girl, newly transitioned from our bed to brother's room, still needed me in the room to fall asleep.  Little boy gets a bit distracted by his sister on occasion who plays stand up and flop down games and blows kisses and other things siblings do at bedtime....more

The adolescent IQ fluctuates with changes in the brain

See? You're not crazy, your teen is! Although these impulsive and risky behaviors are scary to us as parents, at least now we can understand where they're coming from and that they'll likely go away.(The risky behaviors, not the kids!)But it's probably only temporary since the structure of the brain is constantly changing during adolescence. 1. The prefrontal cortex, which helps inhibit risky behavior, doesn't get fully developed until age 25.2. The connections between the prefrontal cortex and other areas are still developing...more

Advice For a Sleep Deprived Mom...

The Boy is a wonderful little treasure.  He is…. I am continually repeating this in my head this morning.Yes, he is a gift.  Of course, I would prefer this gift not to want to be given at night while I am sleeping....more

What do people see?

What do people see when they see me walking with (specifically) Rachel and Simon?  Do they see a mom with 2 kids?  If we are having an "A-moment", do they think how could I allow my children to become such spoiled brats?  Or do they actually see the autism?  Can someone who has never seen me or my children before recognize the struggle that I must mentally prepare for every time we leave the house?  I always feel I have to explain myself or their behavior away, even when things aren't so bad.  I feel I have to prepare everyone for the imminent breakdown that is...more


FOR THE THINKING PENIS IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGYby Tracey Jackson   So we have another one.  Just when I was going to write about my iPhone obsession we are literally faced with Weinergate. One more politician who lets his member do the thinking for him bites the dust....more

My Kid Turned 11...and Into An Alien

I guess I have gotten used to most of the boy's behavior over time (this is the recently-turned-11-year-old).  But it seems like in the last two weeks, his defiance has become markedly clear.  It's like he turned 11 and decided it was time to amp it up a bit....or something like that.  I find myself arguing with him over simple things:  taking out the trash, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning his room, putting his clean laundry away.  I tell him to do something, he gives me crap; I tell him again, he defiantly looks at me like "I'm not gonna do it."  I t...more

Mine too! I have 2 boys (13 & 15 this month), and have decided that they are no less hormonal ...more

Early Intervention and Best Practices for Autism Awareness

I want to tell you a secret about Autism Awareness Month. I'm telling you because you have a stake in the autism community -- whether you touch one or many lives, you can change them, you are powerful. And, like me, you care. You want to make a difference -- for yourself, for your child, for someone you love, for someone who depends on you. And you can make a difference, you will, if you keep this cornerstone of Autism Awareness in mind at all times. Ready? Here it is: Behavior is communication. That's it. That's all. That's everything. ...more

"It can help describe your child, but it doesn't define your child." This spoke to me. I don't ...more