My Kid Turned 11...and Into An Alien

I guess I have gotten used to most of the boy's behavior over time (this is the recently-turned-11-year-old).  But it seems like in the last two weeks, his defiance has become markedly clear.  It's like he turned 11 and decided it was time to amp it up a bit....or something like that.  I find myself arguing with him over simple things:  taking out the trash, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning his room, putting his clean laundry away.  I tell him to do something, he gives me crap; I tell him again, he defiantly looks at me like "I'm not gonna do it."  I t...more

Mine too! I have 2 boys (13 & 15 this month), and have decided that they are no less hormonal ...more

Early Intervention and Best Practices for Autism Awareness

I want to tell you a secret about Autism Awareness Month. I'm telling you because you have a stake in the autism community -- whether you touch one or many lives, you can change them, you are powerful. And, like me, you care. You want to make a difference -- for yourself, for your child, for someone you love, for someone who depends on you. And you can make a difference, you will, if you keep this cornerstone of Autism Awareness in mind at all times. Ready? Here it is: Behavior is communication. That's it. That's all. That's everything. ...more

"It can help describe your child, but it doesn't define your child." This spoke to me. I don't ...more

ADHD? Autism? Tantrums? There's an app for that!

If you child has ADHD, autism or even just plain tantrums, you've now got help on your iPhone. Yep, if you need to transform into your own supernanny, there's an app for that.Billing itself as a tool to teach parents and caregivers when to intervene, "Behavior Breakthroughs(tm)" uses game-based technology to train parents and caregivers to deal with disruptive behavior. There's only Level 1 right now, but apparently more extensive programs are scheduled to be released later this year....more

I just read your blog, and I am excited to share a new organization that I just started, ...more

6 Tips for Friendlier Skies

By Kristin Fast, Lifestyle Editor and In-House Wit-Cracker There was a time when traveling on an airplane was the height of sophistication… ...more

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (Changing Lyrics)

Today's blog deals with a behavior problem that occured in my home.  I go over my thought process, my action, the results, and when I figured out what I did worked.  I hope you enjoy!!! Clayton Thomas Find me on Twitter: @claylauren2001...more

Some Bones to Pick

Dear Delilah,For the most part, my letters to you are full of rainbows and sunshine, dripping with my special brand of sentimentality. This is not one of those letters.It goes without saying that you bring joy into my life each and every day, but there are some things that need addressing, young lady.1. Hands off Daddy's earrings. You stuck your little fingers in those shiny little hoops and tugged one too many times, and now he's taken them out. The thing is, Mama likes Daddy's earrings....more

Free online test to source your child's behavior

LearningRx hosts an online behavior test called the LSDS ( Learning Skills Discovery Survey). It's a 5-minute survey that "separates itself from other simple behavior tests by delivering more useful and detailed information about how a person learns and why they might struggle in a particular area."Produced by learning skill specialists at LearningRx, the survey helps uncover key learning behaviors that reveal the source—not just the symptoms—of a wide variety of learning problems....more

Ignorance and Self Control

I was in Walmart about a year ago with all four of my children. We had finished our shopping and were now waiting at checkout. My youngest was having a really hard time and was stimming, this is a repetitive behavior that he does to calm himself down. Well, he started spinning and was flapping his hands and I happened to be on the phone with a very supporting mom who also has a son on the Autistic Spectrum. We were talking about how aware we have to be with our children as they don't sense danger....more

Am I Crazy?

I have needed to vent about this for a few days, but every time I sit down at my computer to write I find myself having second thoughts about sharing. I think my fear is that if I come across as a normal mother who loses their patience sometimes, my super hero label will disappear....more

Mirror Moments: How Children Teach Us About Ourselves

Suddenly he burst into tears and cried, "It's not perfect!" He threw his head down onto his folded arms and continued to sob. I stood in silence with my mouth agape. Where did he learn that? Certainly, I had never said that word before. ...more


So true. I bet your son is one happy kid. Sounds like he will have too many good ...more