Dating Etiquette for Women

I don't think of etiquette as stifling -- I think it's the hallmark of civilized living. Boil down all the rules you can think of and you will find one simple truth that unites them: etiquette is about being considerate of other people. That's what it comes down to -– and it goes for women as much as it does for men. ...more
Ladies and to everyone else who’s experiencing frustration in the dating world and with dating ...more

30 minutes

That's all it was. Thirty little minutes. Maybe not even quite. But however long it actually was, was too long.  And it was, and will remain for some time I imagine, the worst 30 minutes of my motherhood thus far....more

Tired Kids: What are we missing?

As predictably as the sun rises each morning, when mid-October rolls around, my office is inundated with panic stricken mothers. Their worry? Their kindergartners have turned into monsters.  The previously sweet, compliant children have turned sour, temperamental and belligerent. Many mothers tearfully admit that they are worried that something as traumatic as bullying or abuse has occurred and wonder if they should pull their child from the classroom....more

An On-Demand World

World Cup - Who are the real Hooligans?

As all of Europe (and parts of the U.S.) gears up for the World Cup games in South Africa, I came across a terrific editorial from the WSJ in which the writer bemoans the bad behaviour of footballers today....more

For people without children who have NO. IDEA.

You live in a world with human beings who, fortunately/unfortunately (circle one), reproduce. It is pretty much inevitable that you will, at some point, run into a child in your life. Said child might be crying and/or screaming bloody murder. When this happens, it sucks for everyone involved....more

That Woman With the Screaming Kid

"Hi, I'm Sarah, this is my son Josh and we will be annoying you today." There was a time when I wanted to make this announcement any time I left the house with Josh.  I refer to this period in Josh's life as the "dark side" - essentially the years of his worst behavioral/emotional issues thus far. ...more

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Sibling Rivalry: It's Not Fair!

With three children in the house (and two of them twins), sibling rivalry is inevitable. It's rampant. And it's exhausting to referee. I don't keep a tally of how many birthday parties and playdates each child has or buy presents to make up for any shortfalls, but I do what I can to even things out, keep the accusations of favoritism at bay and generally preserve my sanity domestic harmony. ...more
I remember a friend telling me one of his daughters used to complain that her sister 'was ...more

Why I Want to Be Four Again

And it's not just because I don't like the wrinkles that come with aging, or the new aches or the awareness that gravity ... is not a friend. I want to be four again because I long for the heart. ...more

I wrote on my blog a piece called Where Did Five ...more

Anatomy lesson: The Tragus

Since I'm not a big piercer, I had never been exposed to the word tragus. ...more