Does Motherhood = Loss of Brain Cells


YES!!!! But's temporary!  Another 18 years or so and you'll feel those ...more

When Does Bullying Start and Stop?

My five-year-old has been lucky so far. She's never been bullied.That I know about....more

My son's been both and had huge problems last year and some of this year at school for ...more

The secret to raising a responsible kid

I'm lucky to have that rarest of treasures: two of them---who do the stuff everyone wants their kids to do:Not losing sweaters and jackets. Getting school permissions slips signed and turned in on time. Not forgetting lunchboxes at home  (okay,  just once or twice) Now they’re older– and they’ve turned into two responsible adults. They fill out their own forms and applications. They handle their own finances. They remember to write thank you notes without being reminded....more

The Stay-At-Home Mom Syndrome: Do You Have It?

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of becoming a mother someday - one that stayed home and raised the children. I wanted 2 kids since I am an only child. Both of those things have come true, so why doesn't it feel wonderful 100% of the time?I used to enjoy working hard at work (thanks for the great work ethic mom and dad!) because I knew that eventually I would get recognized and even possibly promoted for it. And of course, I loved bringing home a paycheck!...more

I use to feel that way too, because I was a workaholic, twelve hour days and two jobs going ...more

If The Twos are Terrible, What Are the Threes?

I thought I was headed for a much needed break as my daughter is rounding out the last few months of her "terrible twos."...more

Fighting in front of the kids -- do you do it?

I would love to tell you how even-tempered my husband and I are, how we never ever raise our voices.  I'd love to tell you that on the exceedingly rare occasions that we disagree (because really, we never, ever disagree), that one of us just gets a quiet little smile and raises an eyebrow, as a signal to the other that This Is A Topic Better Taken Offline, Where Young Ears Will Not Be Affected By Words of Discontent.  I'd love to say that when it comes to the topic of arguing in front of our daughter, there's really no discussion:  it never happens.I'd love to tell you that, but that would be a Big Fat Hairy Lie....more

Really, I don't have any issues arguing in front of kids.

Ground rules : No name ...more

Do You Fight in Front of Your Kids? I Do. Sort of.

Some parents never fight in front of their kids, and their kids grow up fine. Some parents scream at each other day, and their kids grow up fine. And some in each camp end up with kids who either think a fight means the end of the world or that love is best expressed by yelling and cursing.What's the right thing to do?...more

My husband and I were not even arguing the other day -- we were having a heated political ...more

Singing To Your Baby

Singing To Your Baby ...more

Troublemaker, Part II

Maybe it's a bit early for a sequel to my last post, but after bemoaning the trials and tribulations of parenthood, I wanted to share my evening with Aedan tonight....more


There can be few things so embarrassing or troubling in a parent's life as being called into the Principal's office. If you thought it was bad as a kid, it's nothing like being the so-called adult in the relationship and still not getting it right....more