Help! My Twin Wants Her Own Birthday

Dear Mouthy Housewives,  My twins are about to turn seven and one of them is up in arms about it. She does not want to celebrate her birthday with her twin sister. She wants her own birthday. Her own everything! I don't have the money to throw them two parties and that seems ridiculous anyway. What can I do to calm her down?  Signed,  It's Her Birthday and She'll Cry If She Wants To ...more
Tracey Becker I so agree with you. I don't have twins (my husband is a twin though) and I can ...more

When age isn't just another number

I had a friend who was a little bummed out over turning 30. I couldn't relate. I was excited to turn thirty. At thirty I felt more stable and aware of who I was as a person for the first time in a really long time. Overall, I've enjoyed my thirties. ...more
That's a difficult question ! In terms of marriage, I married in my 30s. Since I've found just ...more

35 Things I've Learned After 35 Years


The Day I Standardized Birthdays


On birthdays and brain mortgages

"How old are you going to be this year?""34?""34? Are you sure? How old am I again?""What year is it?"Yeah, those are snippets of actual conversations from around the Redden abode as my June birthday approached. Apparently we've lost all track of our middlin', non-milestone ages as of late....more

A very merry birthday to Mom-5!

Happiest of birthdays to Mom-5!Enjoying a damn fabulous birthday dinner at The Waterboy.xoxo,shawna...more

Turning 48

I turn 48 today, and, oh, the joy of it! Behind me are the days of wishing, hoping, longing, wondering. Here now are the days of loving, laughing, appreciating, and clarity. I’m in the thick of it, this business of a happy life, wanting to hug it all to me, hard, while it’s happening. There are things I still want to do, places I would love to explore, adventures I’m eager to have. And, of course, there are people I can do without, too many hours spent in windowless rooms, the agendas of dissatisfied minds....more

30 Things I Learned Before My 30th Birthday


Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday.  And with all the craziness of the past couple of days (you know, what with the break-in and all), I failed to mention it when I dropped the monkeys off at her house yesterday morning.  Not exactly a stellar moment....more

What Forty-Three Means To Me

I turned forty-three yesterday; it’s been such a muddled confused year that it was a little anticlimactic because I have mistakenly been telling people I am forty-three for the last year.  I totally missed forty two. That’s okay because forty-two and forty-three are almost interchangeable,  generic numbers really.  I spent some time skiing yesterday, trying to survive as I careened down a mountain side, thinking about what turning forty-three means to me.FORTY THREE...more