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"Childhood" by Michiev. Used with permission."Be brave. Ask your questions. Speak your truth."...more

Friday Wrap-Up

I'm in the last 4 weeks of semester 2, and it's crazy busy, as expected. I can not wait for my break, I need the brain rest. This weekend, including today, will mostly be spent at the college. I'm not a fan of working in that cold-ass lab, but it's somewhat less distracting then working at home. The fact that I want to get out of there, makes me work much more quickly and efficiently....more

Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman.

It is one week before my daughter's birthday party and everything that was frozen has started to thaw. My daughter had wanted a Frozen themed birthday party with all things Frozen.  Well, it is really hard to find Frozen things in my area for a reasonable price or at all.  So here's what I ended up getting. ...more

The Trick of Time

The past couple of weeks (and the next week or so, as well) can only be characterized as volcanic. Most of the time, my life moves along at the same pace, even with minor changes in routine, and while I know that time is marching on and things are changing incrementally, imperceptibly, I have accepted that one day I will look back and be astonished at how far we've come from one place or another. ...more

And Now I Am 49

Like most little kids, all I aspired to be was 16 years old. I longed for it and counted down to it. I thought 16 was the greatest age possible. Even when I was older than 16, I would have told you that being 16 was as good as life gets. Oh, the independence and the freedom that comes with driving. And dating. And general flirting turned up a notch or two because of those other things. I swung my keys and flung my hair. As perfect as being 16 turned out to be, it got even better....more

With a Pause in the Action....

Took advantage of our company and kept busy throwing a small birthday party for Jim and our brother-in-law on Sunday with our family at Undisclosed Deux.Today, however, is the actual day. My husband turns 60 today. It’s surreal....more

Midlife Cabernet: Laugh More, Whine Less

Thanks, Denise!more

Birthday Gifts and Hard to Shop For

Spock is Four

My beautiful baby is now, officially, a little girl. She turned 4 years old this morning, and can no longer be called a toddler. The first thing she said to me this morning was, “Today is my birthday! Yay!” Then, very seriously, she wrapped her arms around my neck and murmured in my ear, “But don’t worry. I am still your baby”. ...more

Happy Birthday LP !

Since 2009, the onset of every year starts off on a good note for me. Why ? Because I get to plan for LP's birthday :-) ...more