Parents can't tell time anymore

It's quiet in the house. You've done your nightly sweep through the kitchen, but there are no dishes left out. The living room is cleared of enough toys that you can make your way through it without stepping on something. Somehow the laundry was done and the clean clothes are in the basket, but folded, so that counts. You baby is asleep and still tightly swaddled. A quick check of your work email indicates that there are no emergencies. Now what do you do? ...more

What is Quality Childcare?

I get asked the question “What defines quality childcare?” almost every day. I wish that the answer were simple, so that I could rattle off one short sentence and be on my way. Even on the provider boards we all argue amongst ourselves about what make one childcare better than another. Is it the license or registration that makes a daycare home quality? Is it the Quality Rating system, where childcare homes get stars for meeting certain items on a checklist? Is it the Food program that is supposed to ensure childcare homes are feeding the children a healthy, well rounded diet....more

Food Borne illness and Childcare.... What's the risk?

Recently in North Carolina the unthinkable happened. A childcare center had confirmed cases of E-Coli poisoning. Small children spent their day playing and coloring. Breakfast, lunch and snack went by without a hitch. Then later on, one by one these same small children began feeling ill. They began vomiting and having diarrhea. Their parents began calling pediatricians and driving to urgent cares and emergency rooms. These families just assumed their child had a case of the stomach flu....more

Do You Ever Lie to Your Husband About Your Kids?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My toddler is too young for preschool, but I really need some kid-free time at least one morning a week. ...more

The Business of Childcare

Childcare providers are amazing. They spend their days doing what most parents could never handle. They manage up to a dozen children without the help of anyone else. They deal with tantrums, tired cranky crumb-snatchers and toddlers who bite. They clean up play-dough, paint and sand from the sand box. They fix meals and snacks all day long, including special diets for little ones with allergies and lactose intolerance....more
FourtyAcresChildcare Amen my sister. We are professionals, just like doctors and lawyers. It's ...more

Another year of childcare, another truancy letter......

Sitting here this morning with my coffee, I was having a relatively good morning. The kids who were here already were playing happily, and the next ones weren’t due through the door for half an hour. As things always go however, the phone rang with a parent question.“Hey Terri, we’re going to be running a little late this morning. We’re on our way. Suzy is going to be there but Matthew won’t. He’s got a temp of 102* so I am going to keep him home.”...more
reillysmom16 Provider's Garden At his age he is old enough to practice proper handwashing and ...more

Sick of spanking shame..

Every year as childcare and parenting change, I realize I am one of a dying breed. I am a parent who disciplines. I don’t practice “Never say No” parenting. I don’t spend every waking moment worrying about traumatizing my children. Because believe me, with eight kids I am going to mess up at least four of them....more
I agree with you completely.  Being a daycare provider I see how these kids act.  But being a ...more

Parent and Provider - Building Trust

  When your new caregiver begins watching your children, you probably won’t know much about them. You won’t know their favorite color, their hopes and dreams or their bad habits. More importantly, you won’t know their parenting style. It is crucial that you choose a provider that is like you in parenting style....more

The cost of quality care.

Recently in a provider group I belong to there was a debate about a Craigslist ad I took offense to for a provider in my area posting for $15 a day childcare. I argued that we as providers could not provide quality care for $15 a day and still make a living. Another provider argued she could provide care for free.  The truth is the entire argument about providers who charge a minimal amount for care comes down to this. Quality care costs money and providers who charge less still have to pay the expenses....more
mama2desi I did leave out taxes, probably because most provider's make so little they hardly pay ...more

Paying to work Overtime? Your provider probably is......

There are four kinds of payrolls in this world. There are hourly employees, who get paid a certain amount per hour. By law, after so many hours they receive overtime pay, which is usually 1.5 times the usual rate. They can also be given comp time, which is extra time off work for the extra hours they put in. So if they work 60 hours this week, then they get 20 hours off they can use next week....more