Ask an Author/Book Giveaway

Sandie Lee Bumples Family First Come join us March 7th-10th for our FREE book draw and ask an Author.  I have the creators of 'The Adventures of Footenbarn - Hot Seat' taking your questions.  Don't have a question?  No problem.  Leave a comment and you'll still be eligible for the FREE book draw on Wednesday March 10th :)...more

Marriage Insurance

My dh and I sometimes lament over our house purchase fifteen years ago. It's not that we don't enjoy where we live. We do. I shared with him that friends that visit always remark how much they like our house. But of course, they are only commenting on the surface view. We are aware of all the underlying problems. But, I told dh, I see this house as marriage insurance....more

New to BlogHer -

Juse learning about BlogHer from Ree at the #PioneerWoman.Recent article in the paper about raising children to have a great relationship as adults....more

Volunteering for Vomit


♥ Trying Not To Be Judgemental.

I like to think I'm pretty open minded. Many of my friends have commented on that about me and some can't believe just how open minded I am. However, I believe it's human nature that we are judgemental on occasion. I don't ever want to be, but sometime....shit happens! ...more

Stylekk offers stylish shalwar kameez that are bound to catch everyone’s eyes

 STYLEKK is a prominent Pakistani fashion designed by Kiran Kanwal today launched her exclusive winter 2010 Collection, the premium casual, formal and bridal wear apparels for women of all ages and sizes. Inspired by global trends and local aesthetics, Stylekk offers stylish shalwar kameez that are bound to catch everyone’s eyes....more

There's fun to be had at Pretend City!

I had an afternoon free so I took my little chitlins to the Pretend City Children's Museum!...more

I just hate going because it is always so crowded! Even during the week there are school ...more

Hope You Dance

When my girl was born, I was just amazed. I think I sat there and stared at her for a while. To me, she was just perfection. In fact, I didn't know what to do with her, she was so small and new. I did know one thing - I had no dreams for her. I didn't have dreams that she'd grow up to be an astronaut or an attorney, or have a family, or travel the world. Nope, nothing like that. My thoughts were more mundane....more

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I remember back when I was in university, screaming girls would line up to have Jamie Oliver, "The Naked Chef" autograph his latest cookbook. These days I would be one of the first in line to promote his cause. His current mission is to fight the obesity epidemic by inspiring families to cook, educating kids about food and improving how they eat at school. Last weekend I watched his passionate talk at TED, and wanted to share it here because I agree with his food philosophy....more

Having a Social Life When You're a Single Parent

Eleven years ago, I didn’t have a care in the world. I was a recent college graduate living on my own outside of NYC, and my only responsibilities included bills and work. Any night of the week you could catch me at a bar or lounge in the city, sometimes until three or four a.m., and then waking up the following morning at seven to prepare for work. My social life was in full swing.  It came to an end when I found out I was pregnant with my son in 1999. “Partying like it was 1999" turned into planning for my son’s future. ...more


Get your chauffeur hat ready! At 13, I am part mom and part car-I am a new ...more