Infertility and Girl Scout Cookies

There will always be, I think, part of me that associates Girl Scout cookies with infertility.For many of the six years we broke down along the potholed, bumpy and unpaved road of the infertile, I saw the most amazing, wonderful psychologist who specialized in such matters....more

Mary Ann, Claudia, Stacy and Kristy

It's baaaaack....more

I wrote about the comeback too and had to regretfully admit that I was more like Mary Ann (I ...more

Shame on Chuck E. Cheese!-

Has anyone else seen those recent Chuck E. Cheese commercials? They're the ones where the moms are so worried about their kids safety that they become over-protective and can't relax when the kids are out to play. One commercial shows a nervous mom standing at the window looking outside while the kids play on the swingset.  Another shows a mom wrapping her kids up in bubble wrap before they go for a bike ride.Oddly enough, the solution message then enters... take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese where they can have some safe fun....more

Suburbs of Our Discontent

If you’re interested in taking your kid to see a Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream's your best bet. There's rhyming, slapstick humor, dumb parents, and fairies. No evil or scary characters appear, and the overall silly quotient is very high. What's not to like?  ...more

The Last Night is the First Night

Ring in the New Year in downtown Burlington at the First Night Festival. This is a must-do event that brings together over 750 talented artists from all over our region to celebrate in a substance free environment. With a little advance planning (and some insider tips) First Night can be an outing that the whole family can enjoy....more

Christmas Past

Tonight we look around at the Christmas carnage covering our home.  All the kids made out fabulously from Santa and relatives and we have much to be thankful for this Christmas.  Most of all is that we are all home safe and sound together to celebrate this year with family and friends.  We somehow survivied the disfunction as various relatives marched through our home, some with a major passive aggressive mission.  Thankfully our kids don't pick up on this too much yet.  It will give them something to talk about in therapy.  I can't affoard any more! ...more

Never Be Afraid to Take a Risk (even if they laugh at you)

I took part in a live chat this evening with a couple of people that previously I really had considered icons of social media. I  looked up to them and respected their advice. I use the past tense for a reason. During the chat, the main participant who shall remain nameless here (after all I refuse to sink to her (level) repeatedly used the worst kind of profanity and then did her absolute best to shoot down every body’s ideas....more

He Sees You When You're Sleeping: The Elf on the Shelf vs. Jesus

I was stuck in the Milwaukee airport when my former manager told me about Elf on the Shelf. ...more

Very interesting and thought provoking post!

My approach to parenting has been truth. ...more

The Gift of Gardening

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Depserate for gift suggestions? I've got one that might work. You don't have to go out in the cold. There are no malls involved. You don't have to get dressed up. It appeals to procrastinators, (they are the ones reading the gift suggestion articles on December 21) because it can be put off for at least several months. See photos and read more at  ...more

Santa's Cadillac

by Julie DanisSanta opened the trunk of the Cadillac and removed the presents. I watched him from my bedroom window, looking down through the branches of the big oak tree that was home to the flying gray squirrel. I was supposed to be asleep, but it was Christmas Eve, and a bright moon lit up my room and Santa’s sleigh....more