Finders Keepers November Giveaway : 8 Hello Kitty Flags, 3 Chopsticks and a Red Tote

Do you have a favorite story of finding something you thought was lost forever? Maybe you found something and helped it find its way back to its owner. I want to hear about it!...more

4th grade science test

 I spent most of last week helping my 9 year old study for her science test. We spent days reading and re-reading the chapter, learning all about food chains and food webs and studying vocabulary words. By the end of the week, she showed a solid grasp of the material, and I was having nightmares about being back in elementary school, trying to take a test without a pencil....At least this time I wasn't naked. I mean, at least in this dream I was dressed - I never went to school least I don't think I did. Then again, most of my childhood is a blur. ...more

I have vivid memories of high school teachers and college professors who delighted in the ...more

Common courtesy isn't either

People never cease to amaze and frighten me. Well, not frighten. Ok, maybe. yes. yes they do. Especially as my daughter has gotten older and is more aware of what I consider socially acceptable behavior. Her father and I have tried (sometimes unsuccesfully) to teach her things like 'share your toys, wait your turn, don't stare, don't pick your nose, don't hit, don't hit, DON'T HIT". You know, things that are required when you're forced to live in close proximity to other living creatures....more

Top Turkey Day Tips for Real Moms

There’s a chill in the air, a blaze of color in the leaves and a slew of baking items on every retail endcap. Ah yes, ‘tis the holiday season. And whether you’re hosting your entire family or going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, the holidays require tips – lots and lots of tips....more

The 7 Mommy Musts for Family Dinners

My husband, Sean, works crazy hours, as you probably know if you read my blog, and he often doesn't get home until I'm tucking the twins into bed. We've always kept the weekends as sacred as possible, making sure that the kids get an extra large dose of "daddy time", and Sunday nights have traditionally been set aside as Family Night, but during the weekdays, he has been essentially absent....more

The Gonzales Family

Sharing some memorable and not-so-memorables stories of our life together.  A day in the LIFE of us!...more

I'm brand new!  I feeel lost in this virtual yet very real world of extraordinary women ...more

When Does Bullying Start and Stop?

My five-year-old has been lucky so far. She's never been bullied.That I know about....more

My son's been both and had huge problems last year and some of this year at school for ...more

Are You There God? It's Me, Freaking Out!

It's a really cool feeling to enter your daughter's bedroom in the morning in order to wake her, only to find her already awake and reading in bed. Before school."It's time to get dressed, girl.""No Mom!...more

Christmas scaled back- Need ideas!!!

We have 4 year old twins with adhd, They were also born with trachial malaysia and had surgery, Our 2 year old was born with thyroglossal duct cyst, and is on and off of therapy to keep that at bay, until he is old enough for surgery. The last 3 were preemies, the twins 2 months preemie, and the baby was a month. I don't know why, and Im not sure if that was the reason that they had these congenital issues. Anyway, We have a ton of dr. bills. A ton....more

Skip To My Lou has great projects on it in general. I can't really sew (Deb Roby needs to ...more

Access to the Internet is a Privilege Not a Right

I saw something the other day that I had to reread a couple of times to be sure I understood it correctly:...more