Family Holiday Project: Volunteer to be an Elf to a Sick Child!

**November Deadline to join in on the fun! With the holiday season fast approaching, I wanted to tell you about an organization I volunteer for each year. It's called Hugs & Hope! ...more

Spooky Traditions Are Here to Stay

Trick-or-treat!  These words bring back images from my childhood as well as new traditions with my own family.  The custom can bring out the best from children, the worst from teens, and is loved and hated by adults.  Still, Halloween marks the start of the autumn and winter holiday season, commercialism and all. ...more

I never thought of trick-or-treating in Alaska, it sounds so cold!  But I'm glad that ...more

So We Change Our Dreams: Life With an Autistic Child

You know that dream you had as a young adult that when you finally had money enough to buy your own home, you would make sure that there was the formal livingroom and diningroom. You spent untold hours looking through a myriad of home decorating magazines inorder to piece together what you thought your rooms would look like. You would also browse furniture stores for ideas on decoration and watch the Home and Garden network continuously.  Then reality sets in. You find out your child has autism and wow, life's choices change....more

Child Care: It Never Gets Easier to Choose

My daughter started kindergarten this year, and because we wanted to ease her transition, we left her in her normal daycare for before-and-after-school care instead of putting her in the program run by the public school system. Even though it cost $200 a month more....more

I live in London, and we have the same issues.  Next week my kids will be out of school ...more

Lonnnnng Trip

So hubby and I and the tot made our way to our in-laws this past weekend. I didnt think it would be any different from the umpteen million times w have made the 4 hour trek. However, this time,after 3.5 hours of dealing with a very unhappy toddler, we still found ourselves no where near our destination. Able to take a break, we were set to go in about an hour and things (the tot) seemed to be calmer. Tot was in her car seat talking softly and singing. So glad she was finally winding down, we made it to hubby's sisters house by 10 pm. ...more

October Giveaway: Japanese Obento Set

  For complete contest details, please go HERE. ...more

Leaf Peepin' in Vermont

Fighting Childhood Obesity One Turkey Hotdog Necklace at a Time

 This suburban mom has a lot to learn from urban moms with fewer resources who are building healthy futures for their kids....more

The Two Personal Presents, General Ratko Mladic, Gave To Me On My Summer (2002) Vacation In Belgrade, Serbia. (2002 August)

The Two Personal Presents, General Ratko Mladic, Gave To Me On My Summer (2002) Vacation In Belgrade, Serbia. (2002 August)