Free labor: The case for childhood chores

Here's why I don't like Batman: He has Alfred. Because Bruce Wayne is well off, he doesn't have to sort his own socks or cook his own meals or really do any chores. He is a horrible role model for my son. I like Spiderman. Peter Parker has to get good grades, maintain an after-school job, save the world and still take out the trash. That takes good time management skills.  ...more

Cinnamon Rolls vs. My Kids

Several weeks ago, on a lazy morning, the kids asked me to make them cinnamon rolls and it occurred to me that they've never made them on their own. That's right, my almost 10 and 7 year olds have never made pre-made cinnamon rolls, something I'm sure I could've done with my eyes closed when I was their age....more

The family business

My husband wears a lot of different titles: He is the love of my life, a dynamic dad for our son and my best friend. I also like to think of him as my business partner. ...more

"You Mean EVERY Day, Every Day?"

Why is it when you remind your teen to do a job that they do, their excuse is, "I forgot." You forgot?  Like, you do this thing [taking the trash bags out of the trash cans] every day....more

Chores For Kids, How To Make It Happen

Here is a new article that I have published at Moms Magazine! I have a huge extended family.  I mean huge.  A small family dinner when I head to California is easily 30 people.  It's fun, messy, loud and chaotic and I can't imagine it any other way. Everyone, even the little kids had responsibilities in our family....more

5 Reasons I Really Suck At Preparing My Kids for Adulthood

I've been a mother for a long time. 27 years, to be exact. I've had kids in my home for this long, since after I was halfway done raising my oldest son, I had two more, then married a man with three kids of his own. Sheesh. I should be a professional parenting consultant or something. Oh lordy, that made me spit Diet Coke out of my nose. I am not.even.close. to a professional....more
slamoutte YAY!  A partner in crime!  Thanks for commenting.more

Tips for equality in parenting

Describe the workload involved in being a parent. Are you listing out the physical tasks you help your child with (getting dressed, brushing teeth, reading bedtime stories)? Or are you thinking about the mental workout (worrying about them when they are away at camp, remembering their measurements, sizes and all their friend's names) as well? Did you remember to list all those ancillary chores that keep the household running smoothly (laundry, cooking, mowing the yard) and gives them a healthy and safe environment to play?...more

Parenting by Better Homes And Gardens

5 Easy Steps to Creating Daily Chores for Kids

If we are being honest with ourselves, no-one enjoys doing chores. Kids especially don't enjoy doing chores! However, kids need to have chores to teach them responsibility and it helps teach them to properly care for their own stuff. Getting your children to do chores is sometimes a chore in itself. So, how do we get kids to do chores without making it a fight? It's actually pretty easy - most of the time!I've broken my method down into 5 simple steps to help you create a chore chart for your kids that are age appropriate and have worked in our house!...more

Child Labor Day