5 Easy Steps to Creating Daily Chores for Kids

If we are being honest with ourselves, no-one enjoys doing chores. Kids especially don't enjoy doing chores! However, kids need to have chores to teach them responsibility and it helps teach them to properly care for their own stuff. Getting your children to do chores is sometimes a chore in itself. So, how do we get kids to do chores without making it a fight? It's actually pretty easy - most of the time!I've broken my method down into 5 simple steps to help you create a chore chart for your kids that are age appropriate and have worked in our house!...more

Child Labor Day

DanaBowman @momsieblog.com...more

An ode to the robotic vacuum cleaner

In the field of happiness studies, also known as positive psychology, the general consensus is that greater happiness is obtained from pursuing experiences and social connections than obtaining material things. The reason being that although a pair of shoes upon puchase, for example, can make a person near euphoric it is only temporary due to our human ability for environmental adjustments.  Think first hot shower after a camping trip compared to the same hot shower several days later.  ...more

it's about the process

this is particularly hard for me.i just want to get there!i just want to have already learned everything i need to know for web design, and not deal with the uphill battle of constantly studying an ever changing field while managing life and home....more

Are We Raising a Generation of Entitled Children?

Over the dinner table my 17-year-old was telling us how he is the only kid in his class who does his own laundry. Let me point out that he does it of his own volition, and not because I make him do it. But it does make my life easier. He did say that there is one kid in his class who actually has to fold his own laundry once it’s done, and put it away. But he keeps it all in a laundry basket and just fishes out what he needs when he needs it. The rest of the kids have everything done for them. What kind of children are we raising? ...more
One of the "gifts" of being a single mom - and there are not many! - is that out of necessity, ...more

A Sharpie Start

I merely wanted to put my name on my yogurt and used a black sharpie. That is why my thumb looks like it was colored by my dog Kasia, all over the place just like her. So when your day starts like that, it can only get better, right? I have legitimate work to do plus errands for the house and just don’t know if old Cyber Monday will fit it…. We’ll see. ...more

How I knew my mother loved me...

I was a latchkey kid....more

Chore System for Little Ones

Welcome Mommy Brain Mixer readers! I'm so excited to be co-hosting the mixer today!...more

Chores I am Amazed Previous Generations Found the Time to Do

I've recently come across a number of blog posts about the plight of tired parents. Be it moms or dads, stay at home parents or working ones, it seems that the laundry never ends, the house never stays tidy, and there simply isn't enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone get in a good nights sleep. Add in teething babies, sick children, nightmares, and midnight potty runs; parents seem to be getting by one day at a time. ...more

Laughable Instructions

As a mom, and more importantly, as me, I've noticed that the manufacturers of common products really have no idea what they're talking about or who they're even talking to.Here are just a few of the hundreds of instructions that make me laugh:1) Steam Cleaner: Repeat until water in dirty water bucket runs clear....more