On Doctor's Checkups: The Progress You Can't Measure is Important Too

When my son Connor was young, I would look forward to the (very infrequent) checkups with his physician.I couldn't wait to see how much he'd grown, and I would proudly mark off just about every question on the doctor's evaluation with "always". Yes, he can pull up. Yes, he can say two word sentences. Yes, he can color a straight line....more

Save the Superman Building - NO

Save the Superman Building - YES

Things Change, Kids Change...


Teaching Resilience to your Child

What is resilience? It is what you need to weather disappointments or unexpected pitfalls in life.  Some people really struggle with this: the slightest upset of plans can leave them gloomy and even depressed.Kids can really struggle with this concept as well.  Being small and relatively powerless, little frustrations can become major upsets.  If they get into a habit of giving up or shutting down at the first sign of trouble, they’re going to have difficulty overcoming adversity later on....more

Entering the Land of Meltdowns

Last week, A. and I crossed into the land of meltdowns (said with a booming voice) where storms can unleash with little warning. Our little helper -- who loves to sweep, rubs down the floor with tissues and toddles to the trash can to throw away litter -- gave me his first forceful "NO!" when I tried to change his diaper. It was accompanied by a little kick and I raised my eyebrow, like, "Really? You're going to go there?"...more

The Evolution of Glitter

I had a Dr. Pepper today. For about 10 seconds I was 12 again, crinkling bags of Cheetos, drinking cans of the 23 flavors and eyeing a package of Skittles on standby. The afternoons I spent watching The Mother wrangle pre-teens into aprons and the concept of color theory were where I developed an affinity for vending machines and Einstein bagels. Also glitter, magic markers, and hitting my brother in the balls for fun. I feel bad about that one now. ...more

What They're Saying at Almost 4.5

I do a words and phrases list every now and again to track cute things that will soon vanish from my auditory life forever. The girls are speaking more and more clearly now, though they insist on certain pronunciations more than others, and have trouble re-training their tongues to make certain sounds that they've heretofore gotten around.For instance:Skirt: slirt. Only it's not quite SLirt, there's more of a flemy sound in there as the skid past the k without hitting it....more

Special Days -- Twins' Style

My twins are four. They know they are different people. They know it. Yet their lives revolve around this fierce competition, a strange competition, in which no one must win or lose, but all things must be equal at all times. At the same time....more

Guest Post - Raising Up Toddlers in Love

Today I have a guest post that draws attention to some simple parenting knowledge that sometimes gets overlooked. _____ ...more