The unknown effects of obesity

I'm back to work and lots of my coworkers have stated that they plan on getting healthier in the New Year. I'm not big on resolutions (I like challenges instead), but I try to remain supportive of their efforts and take walks with them whenever they need a buddy. I think that anything we can do to move more in the day is a good goal....more

The best online software development courses

There are many software development companies which provide excellent and expert software development services. No matter it is the desktop application or web application development, companies such as VironIT provide the best solutions for businesses. The company provides custom software solutions, mobile application development and IT consultancy at its best....more

Equal Playing Time: The Fine Line Between Development & Discrimination

My eldest son has always been a soccer player....more

Sticking with blocks and dolls

When my son was a baby we had a lot of toys that made noise. Press a button, and something would make a sound and light up. We ended up removing the batteries from a lot of the toys because there was no volume control and they were just too loud. I liked playing with simple toys with my son: Board books, blocks, cars. And that seems to be what he loved playing with the most, too. I remember many afternoons of him lining up long rows of cars and crawling/smashing through the soft-block cities I created for him....more

On Doctor's Checkups: The Progress You Can't Measure is Important Too

When my son Connor was young, I would look forward to the (very infrequent) checkups with his physician.I couldn't wait to see how much he'd grown, and I would proudly mark off just about every question on the doctor's evaluation with "always". Yes, he can pull up. Yes, he can say two word sentences. Yes, he can color a straight line....more

Teaching Resilience to your Child

What is resilience? It is what you need to weather disappointments or unexpected pitfalls in life.  Some people really struggle with this: the slightest upset of plans can leave them gloomy and even depressed.Kids can really struggle with this concept as well.  Being small and relatively powerless, little frustrations can become major upsets.  If they get into a habit of giving up or shutting down at the first sign of trouble, they’re going to have difficulty overcoming adversity later on....more

Entering the Land of Meltdowns

Last week, A. and I crossed into the land of meltdowns (said with a booming voice) where storms can unleash with little warning. Our little helper -- who loves to sweep, rubs down the floor with tissues and toddles to the trash can to throw away litter -- gave me his first forceful "NO!" when I tried to change his diaper. It was accompanied by a little kick and I raised my eyebrow, like, "Really? You're going to go there?"...more