What do you have to lose?

I try very hard not to lose my temper with my son. I repeat phrases in my head like "he's only six" or "he's still learning" or "will he have a memory of this moment?" but sometimes it is inevitable. I yell; he cries; he loses things....more

When Mommy needs a time out

Sometimes my son pushes me over the edge. It's part of his growing up - he pushes his boundaries and learns the consequences of disrespect. My patience level - like all parents - varies. There are days when I can shake it off, and then there are days when I yell....more

Good cop; bad cop

At work, when things get rough for my team, I have to play the role of bad cop. (Or maybe it is mean cop, I am not always sure.) The point is: I sometimes have to be the tough guy to back up my team. And I am happy to take on that role. At work....more

Can Using the "Now or Later" Technique with Your Kids Decrease Nagging?

Image Credit: Myra Faye Turner   Years ago when my son Tyler was a young, I read about a disciplinary technique called “Now or Later”. It’s a method I have used, with modifications, to great success over the years. It’s especially true now that he’s a teen. Let me share it with you....more

What is with our Obsession with Parenting Perfection?

What is with our obsession with achieving mommy perfection? This is a question I've been considering since starting my 2016 project, The Ultimate Mom Challenge™. We see the evidence everywhere: mommy wars, the parenting book phenomenon, the constant uproar from the media over good parenting gone bad, etc....more

Science says this is how you should discipline your children

Every household has a different approach on discipline, as most parents have to learn their child's personality before they can determine a policy that is effective. For us, we recognize that our son likes to talk, so we give him timeouts during which he is not allowed to talk. It may feel unfair to him, but it gets his attention and gives us a break from any unacceptable behavior....more

Parenting Takes Discipline, Self-Discipline

Let me remind you that the first level of intervention, correction, is a playful request to try it again sweetie.  If no is the reflexive answer, breathe, and give your second response, Okay, you can try it again later. ...more

Tough Love

Lately, it feels like my husband and I have been negotiating with Red to get him to cooperate. "If you eat all your dinner, we will give you a piece of chocolate," or "If you continue to yell at your brother, we will take away your car" (the Cozy Coupe). Just yesterday, we actually took away the Cozy Coupe for 5 minutes (but, feels like eternity to Red!) after he grunted and yelled at Blondie yet again for getting too close to the car. That started an epic meltdown, which I never like to see. Red screamed, dropped to the floor, and cried. Consequently, Blondie started crying....more


 Growing up in my household, periodically I would, like many teenagers, “forget” to do my chores. My parents would always put me in my place by saying something like, “But you remembered to call your friends, didn’t you? You seem to remember what is important to you!” They were right and it is a lesson I carry with me even today....more