I Need Me Some Discipline: Part 1

The summer is a-comin' and it's never too late to take action whether you want to start a workout routine, eat smaller portions or just become healthier all the way around. Continue reading for some discipline strategies that will help you reach your goals.TAKE FETUS STEPS...more

Old School Punishment for Kids

Do you do this to punish your kids?Read Old Fashioned Discipline on WhatMommyDoes ...more

Would You Spank if Your Child Would Turn Around His Behavior in 48 Hours?

I know spanking is such a controversial topic these days. We do spank, and I am so glad we do. This is the book that opened my eyes to the way I was letting my kids dictate the rules. Now that everyone knows who's actually in charge, my house runs so much more smoothly. Once I implemented these guidelines, my two older children (4 and 2 at the time), turned their misbehaving attitudes right around, and I only ever had to spank them twice EVER AGAIN. It basically happened overnight....more

Are You Responding Correctly when Your Kid Says a Bad Word?

From outright R-rated curse words to less offensive ones, hearing kids blurt words we’d rather not hear can send us into a panic....more

Sick of spanking shame..

Every year as childcare and parenting change, I realize I am one of a dying breed. I am a parent who disciplines. I don’t practice “Never say No” parenting. I don’t spend every waking moment worrying about traumatizing my children. Because believe me, with eight kids I am going to mess up at least four of them....more
I agree with you completely.  Being a daycare provider I see how these kids act.  But being a ...more

My Word for December is “Discipline.”

I turn 30 next month and this is serious business, y’all.Dash anyone who gives me a you’re-so-young groan. I turn 30 next month and I’m both excited and anxious about it....more

Why Kicking Your Kid Out of the House Isn’t a Terrible Idea

 When your son was a little boy and decided to run into the middle of a busy street, what did you do? Did you give him a high five or a big hug for trying something new? Or did you give him a good slap on the bum and tell him to never do that again?...more

Challenge accepted!

Although I am feeling slightly daunted by writing on this site and cross-promoting my little, old blog on such a huge platform with such awe-inspiring company, I am trying to develop a whole new attitude of "F---IT" in my life and this is giving me a good place to start.I'm pleased to find that NaBloPoMo exists. Here are my thoughts on that delightful serendipity on my blog, Adventures in Single Mommyhood....more
Thank you, JoAnne! I am excited to be here and in good company :)more