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I blog about my life as a Mommy with four children four and under.  I blog about being frugal, discipline, faith, and a myriad of other topics....more

Bad Parenting

I kicked my daughter out of the house today.  I told her that she could no longer live in our house and needed to find a new place to live.Yeah, she's four.  I knowYou see, she hit her brother, yesterday.  And then lied to me about it.  I explained to her then that we don't permit that behaviour in our house and that if she needed to behave that way, she needed to leave.And then they were playing on the couch today, and she hit him.  She called my bluff.  What the hell else was I supposed to do?...more

Those stakes! Wow. You are a fierce, tough momma to have withstood that. It's a much easier ...more

Bad Behavior Justified By Gender?

I have a bone to pick with parents of boys who make poor excuses for their son’s bad behavior. I think it’s a cop-out and that’s pathetic. I can’t tell you how often I encounter parents who seem to justify their child’s poor behavior merely due to the fact that their child is a boy. What kind of lame excuse is that?...more

For people without children who have NO. IDEA.

You live in a world with human beings who, fortunately/unfortunately (circle one), reproduce. It is pretty much inevitable that you will, at some point, run into a child in your life. Said child might be crying and/or screaming bloody murder. When this happens, it sucks for everyone involved....more

What is your best discipline advice for a 2 year old whom refuses to obey?

How do you discipline a 2 year old who doesn't respond well to "typical" discipline i.e. time outs, spanking, loss of toys, etc. My son doesn't mind, he will refuse to do as asked and doesn't care if he is spanked, placed in time out, or loses his toys and playtime. What do you do when your child does this, no matter the age?...more

...take a look at your expectations. Two year olds are notoriously difficult and defiant ...more

Paddling in Texas Schools

Paddling in Texas Schools Corporal punishment is back in the school system of Temple, Texas....more

My New Parenting Philosophy: What Would the Duggars Do?

 What Would the Duggars Do… that’s my new parenting mantra....more
Amen, sister. It may not be my style (the 20 kid thing), but those people are doing something ...more

Suburbs of Our Discontent

Everyday Shakespeare     "Come, let me wipe thy face” (5.2.294) --Gertrude to her son Hamlet right before she drops dead   On Sunday, our neighbors hosted a “welcome” party for the new family on our street....more

Smacking works great!

I know that I am probably going to get shouted down but here goes - Modern parenting doesn't work!  I fell for all the modern theories and raised my first child by the rules.  I was a textbook modern parent.  So I had to ask myself when she was about 10, why was I so frazzled and frustrated? Why was she not getting the rules? Why was I still teaching the same lessons over and over?! Why did she think she could argue with every decision?...more

I definitely have not mastered modern parenting.  I'm never sure how to respond to ...more

Teddy is sent to the naughty corner

I really wasn’t sure if sending 3yo to the naughty corner was working. He sometimes puts himself there. Sometimes tries to send me there. Then he sent his Teddy there, this is the story…    ...more