Active Supervision, the Unsung Hero

Ask 100 parents if they supervise their kids, and I bet every last one will say they do.However, as someone who works in public health and child safety, my lie detector would start beeping immediately. I know better. ...more

Let him cry

I really, REALLY, hate it when my husband is right. This is probably mostly due to the fact that I don't like to admit when I'm wrong. Me, wrong? Psh. Sadly, it turns out that I can't be right all of the time and, though I often like to boast of my mad intuition and superspectacular parenting skills to those who feel the need to offer me free advice, even I can fall prey to the beguiling of my precious. ...more

I'm with ya!  We let our son cry it out after eight months of waking up between 2-5 times a ...more

Just the Tip Tuesday...A Day Late

I know my Tip Tuesday is late, but I have a great excuse. Actually, I don't have an excuse at all. I just slacked off yesterday. My brain is a little fried with the end of summer break in sight. My tip comes from something I tried this morning before my brain exploded. <!--break--> ...more

The dealings with general uncleanliness

Lord knows I try, really I do. I threaten, I scream, I plead, I beg, I demand, I reason, I order, I compromise, I donate. Our house is being overrun buy children's playthings. ...more

Advice by Invitation Only

In the past year or so I've had several friends get pregnant and have babies for the first time. I've noticed a trend when people come across pregnant women: word vomit. You know, the uncontrollable urge to spew out every birthing experience/story and piece of advice about parenting and babies you've ever heard? ...more

May we all be safe and happy......Yoga will release stress and calm the mind

Life is full of surprises.  It changes all the time.  The fact of the matter is change is good.  Look ahead and you will prevail. ...more

Blended Families and How to Cope

Blended families is a subject that people don’t like to talk about but statistically we know our society is going through.  With fifty percent of new marriages ending in divorce I’m surprised this topic isn’t being talked about every day in the media.  Fifty percent is a very scary figure.  Especially for someone like myself, who comes from a broken home and has already been married once. ...more

The Art of Discipline

I am struggling. My son is at a very willful age and he rarely, if ever listens to my directives the first time out. It seems as if he just doesn't take anything I say seriously and frequently runs in the opposite direction when I ask him to come to me. I know that his current behavior is age appropriate, at two children are becoming independent and testing boundaries. However, having this knowledge does not help me at all when my first response to his behavior is to raise my voice. This method is ineffective - my son will look at me, laugh and run. ...more

"I ask her to pick it up. If she does not, I ask her again, using her
name and ...more

Huffing, Puffing and Growling – What Is That In Our Room?

I hear huffing, puffing, and growling. Did a wild bear break into our house and come into our bedroom. Oh yeah, there are no bears near where we live. Hmm, what could it be? More growls. I pull the covers up higher and roll cautiously towards where the noise is coming from; I carefully open only one eye in hopes of not being noticed by whatever gnarly creature is making such a racket. My husband is bigger than me, wouldn’t he make for a better midnight snack? ...more

Waiting is too hard.

Jack wanted that bag of cookies.  His mom said, “Jack, I told you, we need to eat our breakfast first.”  He wailed and I mean it was loud, using the full extent of his lung power, “Noooooo I don’t wanna wait.  It’s too hard!”  In that small cafe, it doesn’t take much wailing to fill the room. Jack appeared to be four or five years old.  His mother looked at the few of us gathered in the cafe early one morning last week and shrugged apologetically.  ...more