Discipline & Fun

Discipline has gotten a bad rap over the past 30+ years unfortunately.  I think partly because we think of discipline in terms of hitting, yelling, etc.  Discipline to me is just about accountability.  Once children understand they are accountable for their actions, they just change....more

Let's learn something: Can't yell, can't bribe...what can you do?

By now, most of us have seen the study from the Journal of Child Psychology indicating that yelling at children is just as harmful as spanking. So let's review what parents can't do to discipline their children:...more

Do You Use Santa As a Threat?

Christmas is such a magical time of year for children young and old alike. But the most magical piece for little ones isSanta. So why do adults insist on using him as a threatening figure?Sound familiar?...more

Parenting: A job that gets easier or harder?

 Most things in life  gets easier as we do them longer but not parenting. In fact, I’m becoming more  and more convinced that the year of infancy when they cry, never sleep through  the night, and need you to do everythingfor them is the easiest year. I even recall  older parents telling me to enjoy that year because it just gets harder. Lucky  for me my girls were both amazing night sleepers....more
That's what teenagers are for, to make it easy for parents to let go. In fact, depending on the ...more


Helping Kids Listen: The Non-Compliant Child

I get a lot of questions from parents when I teach my parenting classes. I loved this question because it highlights how truly different kids are:I have 4 children. I am able to use the more effective communication skills I have learned in your classes however I find that it will work for some kids but not the others. For example, I will say, “When the all the crayons, markers and paper are put back in the arts and crafts drawer then we will have our snack.” 3 children will clean up and one will start throwing around the crayons. What do I do then?...more

Parent vs Friend: Can You Be Both?

http://thismommasramblings.blogspot.com/2013/03/parent-vs-friendcan-you-be-both.html   ...more

Preschool Pointers - 29: Explain "Punishments"

Problem:The popular bend in parenting these days is not to punish, something which I agree with in principle, but find very hard to carry out in my own life. Because sometimes my kids are nasty or naughty in some way. And by sometimes, I mean at least three times a day....more

Help! I Need To Get Organized and Disciplined!

I have to say discipline and organization are skills I am lacking.  There was a time when this was not the case, but over the years these two very important skills have slipped by the wayside....more

Other People's Children

I'm sorry I made your kid cry. No, really I am. I am not sorry I was so tough on her. I am not sorry I gave her pushups when he wasn't listening. I am not sorry I threatened to sit her down in the corner if she did not try harder to stay on her spot. But I am sorry that when I finally, after multiple warnings, did sit her down for five minutes she burst into tears. I didn't want that. ...more