Facebook as a Parenting Punishment Tool: Good Idea?

Denise Abbott's decision to publicly discipline her daughter on Facebook sets a precedent to be public about their issues. Technically, her 13-year-old Ava set this precedent when she first disrespected her mother online, but Denise followed suit. If the experts who say that modeling proper behavior is the best way to teach children life skills, like discretion and respect, then arguably Abbott's choice of discipline may have inadvertently reinforced her daughter's behavior instead of curbed it. Kind of like spanking a child to punish him for hitting, or screaming at a child for throwing a tantrum....more
@Johann7 Your comment has really given me food for thought. You are right. There is an accepted ...more

The Troubling Message in Fifty Shades of Grey

As someone who believes the world could do with a more open-minded approach to peoples consensual sexual interests, I wanted to like Fifty Shades of Grey. But as I read the book, I found it not only sets people who live a BDSM lifestyle back decades in terms of being understood by society, but that it eroticizes dangerous practices as well, especially for those who are new to this aspect of sexuality and looking to incorporate it into their lives. ...more
foalpapers Geeze, I thought it was just a popular sexytime book. This is horrible :(more

Discipline Is Remembering What You Want

I believe that most people have an end goal of wanting an amicable divorce. Not just to keep the divorce cost down, but also to maintain a healthy relationship for the benefit of their children. What can occur is one, or both sides, of the party starting to get focused on the differences that they encounter and they begin to lose focus of their primary goal. Sadly, this is when all hell breaks loose and it becomes a downhill emotional battle....more

Perspective on Parenting

Linda Blair examines the damage in situations where a mother insists on treating her child like a friend. She writes, “the parent-child relationship is not like any  other. Good parents give and then give more — and, unlike the expectations they’ll have in other relationships, they must try not to expect anything in  return.”Read more:http://www.viviledish.com/mamaledish/?p=667...more

Your Baby Isn't Trying to Annoy You; She's Crying to Communicate

On a recent trip to the park, I overheard a parent ranting and raving about a little one “being a brat and always pitching fits.” It took me less than two seconds of looking at the child to realize his mother had put him down on hot asphalt without shoes on, and his "fit" was actually cries of pain as he danced around trying to keep his poor little feet off the asphalt while trying to push past his mommy to get back into the car. In a few years this mother will wonder why her ten-year-old is always so sullen and silent....more
I think it's important to note that kids get your overall intentions, even if you make one or ...more

Playground Confessions~Look Who’s Talking!

  You look a little frazzled, Dude. Hard day?    ...more

Caution: Kids Running Loose in Restaurant

My husband and I were out for dinner with friends and their daughter at a popular restaurant. It is peak time and the servers are hopping between the kitchen and the tables. Amongst all of the chaos, there they were. The apple of their Daddy’s eyes, sweet little girls maybe 3 and 5 years old, running and screaming happily…IN A RESTAURANT!!...more
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Effective Time Out Tips

So the kids have done it again! And you have to place them in time out but do you know how to do an effective time out so that way the children are ACTUALLY learning? Well you will after you read these tips!1. Always explain why they are in time out. When you catch them disobeying, tell them as you walk them to time out, "Ok. That's enough, you are going to time out because you are not listening to mommy. So you need to take time to think about how you can start listening to mommy." ...more

Because really, why wouldn't I?

If my commitment to NaBloPoMo for the month of January was based on my desire to become a better writer in 2012, and signing up again in February was all about ...more