Your Baby Isn't Trying to Annoy You; She's Crying to Communicate

On a recent trip to the park, I overheard a parent ranting and raving about a little one “being a brat and always pitching fits.” It took me less than two seconds of looking at the child to realize his mother had put him down on hot asphalt without shoes on, and his "fit" was actually cries of pain as he danced around trying to keep his poor little feet off the asphalt while trying to push past his mommy to get back into the car. In a few years this mother will wonder why her ten-year-old is always so sullen and silent....more
I think it's important to note that kids get your overall intentions, even if you make one or ...more

Playground Confessions~Look Who’s Talking!

  You look a little frazzled, Dude. Hard day?    ...more

Caution: Kids Running Loose in Restaurant

My husband and I were out for dinner with friends and their daughter at a popular restaurant. It is peak time and the servers are hopping between the kitchen and the tables. Amongst all of the chaos, there they were. The apple of their Daddy’s eyes, sweet little girls maybe 3 and 5 years old, running and screaming happily…IN A RESTAURANT!!...more
Thank you for your comment, as you can tell it makes me crazy too. In fact, my friends were ...more

Effective Time Out Tips

So the kids have done it again! And you have to place them in time out but do you know how to do an effective time out so that way the children are ACTUALLY learning? Well you will after you read these tips!1. Always explain why they are in time out. When you catch them disobeying, tell them as you walk them to time out, "Ok. That's enough, you are going to time out because you are not listening to mommy. So you need to take time to think about how you can start listening to mommy." ...more

Because really, why wouldn't I?

If my commitment to NaBloPoMo for the month of January was based on my desire to become a better writer in 2012, and signing up again in February was all about ...more

Sticker Chart Blues

Well, it seems I’ve hit yet another parenting milestone.  We had to put up a behavior chart for both kids so they could earn stickers for being good.We’ve done variations of this with Maddie in the past, but this time it required poster board, brand new Sharpie markers and the best stickers money could buy; My Little Pony and Care Bears puffy stickers for Maddie and Monster Jam Monster Trucks and Cars 2 stickers for Colin. ...more

Parenting & the Joys of Being a Grandma

My daughter and her son have temporarily moved in with us since they found mold growing almost everywhere in their apartment. We have an uninhabited 2nd floor with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a sitting area. It's temporarily perfect for them....more
lol that's fabulous! Like mother, like son!more

Shooting the Computer Probably Killed Their Relationship

The recent video of the father who shot his daughter's laptop has been getting a lot of attention. Most of the comments that I've seen have been very pro-father, with most of the commenters giving him a virtual high-five for taking a hardline approach to disciplining his daughter. Shoot that computer, Dad! Show her that you mean it! This is what you get if you're an ungrateful teen! I just feel bad for the dad and the daughter, because this video probably represents a tipping point that will result in the loss of their relationship. ...more

Daddies playing with guns

 I would be surprised if  any of you hadn't already seen this video of the dad who shoots a few rounds into his daughter's laptop because she posted a snarky letter bitching about her parents on her Facebook. The video showed up on my Facebook newsfeed many times today....more
I didn't even get into the whole public humiliation as punishment aspect of this video. It may ...more