Parenting: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Yesterday's radio segment on the Simi Sara Show (CKNW AM980) was sparked by those young racers in luxury cars tearing up Hwy 99 in Surrey the other night.We were trying to figure out what those parents did wrong to raise such spoiled dangerous self-entitled young people.  Of course they probably gave them everything they wanted with little or no consequences....more

Have you ever had to discipline someone elses child?

Do you have a nightmare neighbour?  A child you don't like yours playing with?  Have you ever said no to a playdate? We have a nightmare neighbour.  We only met these neighbour about 6 months into living in our new home.  The children met first.  The little boy knocked on our door and asked if a little boy lived here as he'd seen my boys toys laying around the yard.  Yes, I replied.  He seemed so sweet at the beginning! ...more
His mother gave him sleeping tablets because she couldn't handle his behaviour?!?!?!?! I try ...more

Things I Never Thought I Would Say to My Kids...

 While I have never asked my children to go play in traffic, I have come pretty close.   I remember when I was younger, I always thought I would be just like Donna Reed as a parent....more

Ostrich Parenting Ostracizes Kids

All the kid activities this summer have reinforced an ugly pet peeve of mine: misbehaving kids whose parents are nowhere to be found or who choose to do nothing about it.  Whether we’ve been at the park, daily swim team practices, or standing in line at the movies, I’ve seen the situation countless times this summer. A kid misbehaves and his or her parent either isn’t there to see, or doesn’t want to deal with, the transgressions. ...more

Permissive Parents: Beat your Brats

Okay, so maybe LZ Granderson said "Curb your Brats" in the title, but if you read even a bit of his obviously enhanced-for-web-traffic piece, you'll see that I'm not so far off.Granderson says he has an issue with parents unable or unwilling to discipline their children. If this were really the case, I'd back him up 100 percent. But that's not what I got from his unsubstatiated, anecdotal diatribe....more

How to Handle Tantrums

Like with just about anything, there are good ways to deal with tantrums, and bad ways to deal with tantrums. I have some effective ways of not only dealing with tantrums in the moment, but lessening their frequency and intensity, if not stopping them altogether.There's a bit of short term pain for long term gain with this one so be prepared. It's well worth it as if you follow my advice you could have a tantrum-free family. That means less chaos, less stress, and more manners....more

Discipline and the 2 Year Old!

 Milo Jekyll ...more

i never say the word "no"

Today while we were out running errands, my son was asking about doing something or other and as I answered him I realized I never actually say the word "no." It's just instinctive now, I don't even think about it. The easiest way to set off an oppositional child is to directly challenge them. Saying "no" does just that. Through necessity, I have found a way to answer "yes" to just about everything. Indirectly, that is. An example of this is while checking out at a big box store today, they had all sorts of candy and chocolate right by the register. My son asked if he could have one....more

Teaching Children the Fine Line Between Honesty and Manners

Momma, he is so large, she says to me, to herself, to him, to no one and all of us at the same time, but not nearly as large as the shame-hole I just fell face-first into, kid, I whisper silently, a prayer for either forgiveness or forgetfulness, though I am not sure which would have been preferable....more

As a plus sized person,when I was at a heavier weight, I know and have known what the gentleman ...more