Mercy and Grace

Mercy: Not getting the punishment you deserveGrace: Getting something good you do not deserveMy MOPS meeting last week had a large impact on my mothering. The speaker gave so much practical advice and words of wisdom that I am still processing it.She didn't come armed with only her own wisdom, but she asked her friends for their wisdom as well. She said the responses were from women ranging in age from the early 20's to the late 80's. One of the ladies gave this advise: have boundaries cloaked in grace....more

Sibbling Squabbles

Sibling Squabbles My kids are starting to fight with each other. It is usually the older one taking something from the younger one....more

Homeschool Rookie: Time out works for African American parents too!

As a parent of two and two more on the way, I have had many opportunities  (more than I'd like) to recieve parenting advice, criticism and the like.  As a child, I grew up in a predominately African American city, attended predominately African American schools and of course had ALL African American friends.  Both, in my family and the families around me one thing  I learned about parenting is that the norm for parent/child relationships centers around children remaining in their places and parents remaining in theirs, which translates into:  "Do as I say, n...more

"I HATE you!!!"

You hear it, your heart sinks and you find yourself on the verge of tears. Those three ugly words we as parents wholeheartedly expect to hear, yet silently pray they are never uttered. I was prompted to write this by a girlfriend who posted today on FaceBook that her "tween" daughter screamed this at her for the first time today. Of course, all of her girlfriends came running to her virtual rescue giving hugs and saying "it's normal" and she must be doing something right to evoke such a response for her little darling. I on the other hand, take a different approach. ...more

So glad to hear I am not the only one!! Other "swear" words in our house include "stupid" "fat", ...more

Reaching for The Stars--Changing The World with ADHD

When the movie How To Train Your Dragon came out in theatres I was excited to take my then 3 year old daughter.  Daughter is a very princessy and girlie type of girl.  However, she loves action as well.  You just can't put her in a box because you never know what will spark her interest.  We both fell in love with the movie.  And I was stoked that she wanted a How To Train Your Dragon birthday party.  The movie was awesome, and it touched my heart.  I'm not sure if I made the connection when I watched it at the theatre.  I was distracted by my not-so-...more

And So, She Lost Her Crown

To my little princess, I love you dearly, my angel. You are the apple of my eye, the lining on my cloud. You are a ray of sunshine on my most troubling of days. If you put another dirty sock in my morning coffee, though, mommy is going to flip the fuck out. You have such a wonderful ora about you. Always smiling, always laughing. I just love how you brighten any room that you walk into....more

Four Minutes is Better for Me

It’s that time of year again, kids out the door with a backpack full of “I don’t know what” inside.  For years, we have had problems with Elliott stashing things in her backpack and taking them to school.  Part of that was caused by her RAD, but there was another part that was just doing what every other kid in her school was doing.  She was also bringing things home she wasn’t supposed to....more

A Startling Side Effect of Obesity in Young Girls

Meg Meeker MD...more

Mommy Brain

I blog about my life as a Mommy with four children four and under.  I blog about being frugal, discipline, faith, and a myriad of other topics....more

Bad Parenting

I kicked my daughter out of the house today.  I told her that she could no longer live in our house and needed to find a new place to live.Yeah, she's four.  I knowYou see, she hit her brother, yesterday.  And then lied to me about it.  I explained to her then that we don't permit that behaviour in our house and that if she needed to behave that way, she needed to leave.And then they were playing on the couch today, and she hit him.  She called my bluff.  What the hell else was I supposed to do?...more

Those stakes! Wow. You are a fierce, tough momma to have withstood that. It's a much easier ...more