Today is an absolutely beautiful Day. There is a Air-Balloon Fest at the local airport. The "gang" wanted a picnic basket. I thought ok no problem. The count went to 18 people (children and adults). Normally, I do not fry foods a lot. They are baked or grilled. The "gang" wanted fried chicken legs. I coat them in a buttermilk batter, twice fried for extra crispy. After the first 2 batches I was wondering if I was cooking at KFC? For the good portion of the morning I fried, fried, fried  chicken legs. I smell like a chicken! Soon I will cluck like a chicken?...more

A Day of Emotional Eating

Something unexpected happened at work this week that knocked me on my ass. The issue left me feeling angry, betrayed and embarrassed. It's been a really long time since I've felt this way in my professional world, and I'd forgotten the power a bad day at the office can have over the rest of my life. It's okay. Weeks like this are necessary and this one served as a good reminder to rebuild some of the boundaries I had neglected to maintain. In a successful business, it's important not to put faith in integrity. If it's there, enjoy it. But do not count on it....more

Cookies and Kindness: how to be kinder to your body and soul

For many people, one of the biggest hurdles to better health is the refusal to engage in self kindness.  How can we achieve better health when we are so unkind to ourselves?...more

Are You Healthy?

It’s everywhere you turn. Calorie counts. Exercise routines. Fat grams. Step counters. Sugar-free. BMI. Diet this. Say no to that. AAAAGGGGGHHHH!...more

Kindergarten Kids - Eat your Food!

Problem:Sometimes, kids are picky eaters. And sometimes (like in my case) they just don't like to eat at all. At 5 and a half, my kids stand at 44 and 43 inches respectively, and weigh 40 and 35 pounds. They're not in danger, healthwise, but they are thin.And they don't like to eat.Doesn't matter what it is. Their favorite food, their least favorite food. The most you can get out of them willingly is a few bites....more

The F Word

The constant media attention to the obesity epidemic in this country has caused our cultural pendulum to swing between extreme reactions.  News reports of national health always being voiced over stock footage of large bellies and butts walking around, squeezing into chairs, carefully cropped images of headless people with dripping hamburgers in their hands...images meant to shock us into lives of fitness, instead have led to a backlash of people calling out "fat shaming"; and like my sons, telling the world to mind its own business, they'll get fit if, and when they feel like it....more

Prepping, Preggers, & Pushing

I was totally knocked up ( TKU).  To start out I read every book on this subject I knew absolutely nothing about. I was an only child of an only child with absolutely zilch babysitting experience and my mom was half way across the country. I read the "What to expect..." the "How not to give your kid childhood cancers by avoiding nitrates and microwaves books" followed by the "Make your kid smart by placing black white and red mobiles above the crib" articles....more
This post was hilarious!more

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Employees Out to Lunch

Maybe it’s because I’m writing this post close to lunchtime, but lately I’ve been thinking about the power of a good meal. Whether it’s made from scratch or a lunch date out at a restaurant, a delicious meal is seldom something we savor alone – good company only enhances the experience of dining together. And for the most part, we all like to eat together with someone else. The only time eating alone is a bit more preferred is in the workplace. There’s already a limited time span in which to have lunch and employees all rotate their eating schedules, making it hard to eat with a coworker....more

How Clean Eating Changed My Life

Over the years, I have tried different diets and eating lifestyles. However, so far, clean eating has been the most beneficial lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for two years after graduating college, which may have seemed healthy. But, when I was a vegetarian, I was still eating some processed and refined foods minus meat and fish....more

He asked for seconds!!!!!

He asked for seconds!!!!!      I am sure that many, if not all of you special needs parents can relate to this. Our children are so hard to feed. Liam only eats about 10 things, and just like his obsessions with certain toys or movies, his food list will change like that....more