To Flush or Not to Flush, That is the Question


America’s Nifty But Not Thrifty Catch Phrase, “In God We Trust”

The catch phrase of every American administration is, "We spend more money on health care, education, and the military than any other country in the world, and our social systems are failing.” What’s the matter with America?  She is fighting for her soul. She can’t walk her talk. Other industrialized nations have left her behind. And third world countries are catching up due to the advent of globalization....more

Poverty, Race, and Early Childhood Education Pt. I: Public Schools

 Let’s ponder what $1.4 billion will do to “drive education reform” and save jobs in Pennsylvania—from the perspective of a povertized, disabled, overeducated, Latina mestiza single mother of four....more

Scholastic Changes Its Mind, but Not Completely

Many of you have been following the story of Scholastic and their request that author Lauren Myracle change the lesbian moms of one character into a mom and a dad. According to the original article on this by School Library Journal, Scholastic would not consider the book for its book fairs unless the change was made.Over 4000 people--many of you--signed a petition at asking Scholastic to reconsider. The hard-working folks at, especially Michael Jones, editor of their Gay Rights blog, also worked behind the scenes with Scholastic, and now bring us some good news: Scholastic will now include the book in their spring book fairs. All is not yet resolved, however....more

Scholastic Canada said that they were including it in their book catalogues and fairs (which ...more

The Kindergarten Quest Kicks Off

Last week I tried on a Vera Wang wedding gown. No, no, I’m not getting married, or remarried, or even renewing my vows. I’m happily hitched, thanks. And, I haven’t actually tried on any dresses recently. The Vera Wang wedding gown is my favorite metaphor to describe venturing into territory you can’t afford....more

Imaginext Toys, or how my gender disqualifies me from having a complex imagination

They have added some female super heroes but very few. Still disappointed.more

Will Your School-Agers Still Need Book Covers in Five Years?

E-books, man. They're infiltrating schools. Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Conn., got rid of the 20,000 books in its school library, trading up to flatscreens, Kindles and computers only. And now that Google has paired with On Demand Books (the company that invented a book vending machine), schools could potentially serve up printed e-books in the public domain like cotton candy. ...more

I have a first generation Kindle on loan from a friend and I love it when I travel or want to ...more

They're turning a funeral home into a preschool! Extreme re-purposing while we watch.

A notice appeared in the newspaper saying the old funeral home had been sold and would become a preschool.  That building's been there for decades.  It's handsome, the way those places used to be.  It was vacant for a long time but the grounds around it were always manicured.   ...more

Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way: Young Activists Matter Too!

I edit a series of activist blogs called Care2 Causes, and I'm learning a lot.  Environmental bloggers, animal rights advocates, gay rights, human rights and, of course, women's rights; each post raises an issue with a new perspective and new ideas.  But there's one particular blogger whose posts intrigue me, not only for their quality (most Care2 bloggers are excellent) but also because she demonstrates something very important for "midlife" activists to remember:  the world ...more

As a now middle-aged activist, I well remember my own days as a young activist in the women's ...more

Help fund school projects in your area

October has always been one of my favorite months of they year. Nice weather, Canadian Thanksgiving, my birthday, Halloween and let's face it, anything is better than September. But really, the best thing about October is the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge (formerly known as the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge.) ...more

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