The Women Masters FREE Tele-Seminar Series

You’re officially invited to get inspired by an incredible line-up of women experts for FREE including: -best-selling author, SARK-"The Secret" teacher, Marci Shimoff -frequent Oprah guest, Marcia Wieder-financial guru, Chellie Campbell-and more! ...more

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were 18?

Photo: One of my first dorms at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I had a great experience there but jumped around academically - I had no idea what I wanted to do! ...more

2 Organizing Tips For Your Computer

There is so much information on the internet that we can access to use now and later. Here are two organizing tips on how to make it easy for us to retrieve information and then know what to do with it so we can come back to it later. 1. Make folders for information you retrieve on the internet. Copy and paste information into a Word document and put it in a folder on the computer. Not everything needs to be printed. ...more

Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

My oldest daughter, Yuna, brought a book home from her school library the other day. It was called: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth I read it to her before bedtime and it turned out to be one of the most touching and beautiful children stories I have ever read. The pictures were breath taking and the story itself had me choked up while reading it. It was that good. ...more

These organic cotton tees give back—and inspire a conversation about what we can do for kids in third-world countries.

Looking for a little morning inspiration to get your kids dressed and out the door? Try an organic cotton tee that gives back—and looks great doing it. Then take your cereal conversation to another level and talk about what these shirts are doing for kids in third-world countries. ...more

Are magnet schools cheating students out of a good education?

My son is 3 and a half years old, which means it's long past time for me to be obsessing over his K-12 education. We got lucky with his daycare/preschool; it happened to be the first one we looked at and there was an opening, so we pounced on it. And it's awesome. But increasingly I'm hearing parents talk about moving their kids to a "real" preschool, whatever that means. My kid's learning his letters and colors and some great songs. Does he really need kindergarten prep? ...more
Teachers, parents and peers all have influence on the academic success of the child. It's not ...more

Grammer and Boys

So, as we were driving down the road the other day, three of my children and my niece are in the back chattering, and I hear the word “brang”. I decided to take this moment and turn it into a “teaching moment“! I was going to get a gold star on my parenting chart! I was excited! And since many moons ago I used to teach, I knew it would be easily explained why “brang” wasn’t a word. So, I started by saying “The phones rings. The phone rang. The phone has rung. ...more

Helping Your Child Learn to Read, Part 1

“What makes a good reader?”  Many things.  However, if I were to pick only two concepts to help your child become a good reader, it would be to make a home library, and to buy an alphabet chart.  Both will help pave the way for strong pre-reading skills. ...more

Where Is Your Spiritual Partner?

Two rare talks by renowned spiritual teachers, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally, followed by Los Angeles Book Release Party.  BOTH TALKS ARE FREE. DATE: Feb 20th & 21st 2009TIME: 7:00-9:30pmLOCATION: Holy Nativity Episcopal Church,                                                                          6700 West 83rd. Street, Los Angeles, 90045 ...more

A family favorite is transformed into an eco-friendly reading readiness game for preschoolers.

Remember pick-up sticks? That game with the multicolored straws that your brother always cheated at? Now Beyond Learning, which manufactured the world’s first eco-friendly games back in 2006, has transformed this family favorite into a reading readiness game for preschoolers. ...more