Caffeine Self Defense

At the nearby Starbucks, across from the middle school, at certain times of the day - every morning before class and when school is out in the afternoon - the lines of young people waiting to order coffee are out the door. ...more

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Competitive sports for your kids: are you a fan?

When I was a child, my parents were very strict about extra-curricular activities.  Anything music-related was generally encouraged, but sports were looked down upon.  "You're in school to learn," sniffed my father.  "You're not going to be a famous athlete.  Sports are a waste of time." ...more

While sports for the children are essential to me, I think it is critical to make it fun.  I ...more

Spelling Bee & 50s Club

Grace Louise is in the 50's Club! She was able to count to 65 on her own which has earned her membership in the 50's Club. One of the goals in Pre-K is for all of the children to be able to count to 100 by the end of the year. If they do, they earn an Ice Cream Party. Here we are 1/2 way through the year and Grace is already up to 65! She is one of only 2 students who has reached the 50 mark. ...more

ByteStyle Ep. 1: New Media, Best/Worst of the Web, Get Cash for old Gadgets

I just posted the first episode of my new tech/politics/news podcast, and would LOVE some feedback. In this episode: the Media Revolution (ditch your cable!), trade your gadgets for cash, and my picks for Best and Worst of the web. My goal is to bring some attention to emerging technologies, startups, news, and tools that support the creation of a new media marketplace, preserve a free and open internet, and generally show ways we can use technology to live better. ...more

911 Needs a Boost

We hammer the numbers 9-1-1 into our children's brains from an early age. Parents, teachers, firemen, police officers, librarians, babysitters. They hear those fateful digits, sometimes couched in fear, sometimes in bravery, sometimes in service. We read hot topic stories about first graders saving their mom from choking on a Cheeto. We see Matt and Meredith interview preschoolers who called the authorities to report a burglar creeping in through the attic window. At my house we even have a sticker on the cordless phone with a picture of an ...more

Kids & Charitableness

Most of my charitable efforts have been animal related. I've been active in animal rescue, especially that of bully breeds like Boxers and Pit Bulls, for years now and my girls have been attending rescue events with me since birth. For me, dogs are so much easier to be giving towards - I'm definitely an animal person and I always have been. Recently, I've been trying to get more active in charities relating to people, mainly children. ...more

Late last year I was wondering how difficult it would be to do one charitable act each day. I ...more

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