Feeding your Mind: Tips to Help the Information Junkie Organize and Prioritize Online News Sources

A note about Wednesday Tips and Websites:  On each Wednesday I will be posting a website or two and some tips that pertain to the Monday post.  Since this week is the blog launch and there is no legal topic presented, I decided to make my Wednesday post about blogs. ...more

A Fairy Tale for Modern Times - the Peaceful Family Dinner

Why does dinner at your house resemble feeding time at the zoo? Why is it so difficult to get your kids and husband to all sit down at the same time and share a peaceful meal?   ...more

"I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire..."

  ...I went down, down, downAnd the flames went higher....more

For Gina and Vanessa, Gone Too Soon

Maybe it is because my daily commute to work takes me through Delaware County, Pa., in close proximity to the train tracks where Vanessa Dorwart and Gina Gentile ended their lives on Thursday, an apparent suicide pact.Maybe it is because I remember being 16 and feeling like my life was over because of a breakup, that I would never feel whole and healed again.Maybe it is because I'm a parent and cannot imagine what these girls' families are going through.M...more

Praying for @laylagrace

   view my blog @   http://thetechiemommy.blogspot.com ...more

Taking the Plunge

I have thought about it, talked about it, debated it and mulled it over, and now it is time to take the plunge and dive in head first. Well, actually I have never been able to dive.  Seriously....more

a hug across the sea

a hug accross the sea ...more

"Got Milf? - A Mommalogue" by Sarah Maizes

"Got Milf?"  You should!  This is a link to the video of my performance of my "Mommalogue" (I made up that word...so proud of it), which I performed for "Expressing Motherhood" here in LA last month.Send this video to your girlfriends, sisters, aunts (yes...maybe even your own mother) and let them know it's time for Milf's EVERYWHERE to stand up and be counted!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYJ8PL6OxxI(F.Y.I., there is no inappropriate material contained on the video - but the language is a little "sassy")....more

Childfree Women in the History Books

I am reading When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by New York Times columnist and author Gail Collins....more

How important is a sense of place?

The power of place turns out to be more important than I could have imagined at this time of life. I have friends who say they’d like to live somewhere else but they stay where they are because family is near. I’m the oddball then, because the place where I’m content for now is not the same place where the people I love the most are located.  ...more

Now I've visited over at sweetlittlebrowneyes blog and through your words and pictures, I can ...more