Making Thanksgiving Meaningful: FREE Thanksgiving Activity EBook

Thanksgiving is such a terrific time of counting blessings, but it is also a fairly overlooked holiday in the shadows of Halloween fun and Christmas hoopla. I created this ebook to offer some fun activities leading up to Thanksgiving to celebrate this important holiday. It is refreshing to see the kids get excited about a holiday that does not involve obscene amounts of candy or presents and Christmas music overload. The ebook is FREE and can be found on Smashwords in various formats or on Barnes and Noble or Apple iTunes store. ...more

5 Yoga Poses That Will Burn Calories

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... each one associated with food, food, and more food. Prime your body to burn more calories with these five dynamic yoga videos. The best part is that you can do these poses at home, and continue them for the whole year. ...more
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Why I hate the middle of November:

To be fair, this will be nothing new for any mother, ever, in the history of life.My Tiny Human was born the week of Thanksgiving, so around this time each year, things get a little bit crazy.WHAT DOES SHE NEED.WHAT DOES SHE WANT.WHAT DO YOU WANT HER TO HAVE.I SAW THIS DOES SHE NEED THIS HOW ABOUT 12 OF THEM.wash. rinse. repeat three weeks later for Christmas.Which is fine because people love my Tiny Human and she loves them and it’s a beautiful thing I AM SURE.But guys....more

A Definitive Guide to the Holidays: The Only One You’ll Ever Need

I know. I know. It’s not even Thanksgiving. You probably haven’t yet taken down the ‘Welcome, Spring!’ flag in your front yard.But, since I have already received two Pottery Barn holiday catalogs (The personalized Santa sacks are already on sale. Seriously.), I figured it must be time.So, without further ado, the only holiday guide you’ll ever need: Am I supposed to buy my pets gifts?...more

7 Ways to Make Holiday Cash

 Gifts, trips, parties … this time of year, it’s time to start thinking about paying for the holidays. Here are some creative holiday jobs to make some money and have fun!Party PlannerDo you love to plan parties? If so, consider planning a party for someone. Start out small: less than 50 people and see how it goes. Being a party planner would consist of sending out invites, keeping track of RSVPs, hiring the caterer, helping your client plan the menu, etc. It may also include being at the event to make sure things are running smoothly....more

Be Afraid. The Holidays Are Coming

It's snowing. I am watching it from my kitchen window with a luke warm cup of coffee.  I would nuke my beverage since it's so much better hot, but I'm on crutches and hopping across the kitchen with a mug of hot anything is a recipe for trip to the ER.  It's a cozy scene really. Heavy snow pulling down tree branches still partially covered in orange and brown, the last remnants of autumn. And yet as I lounge in my snug home taking in the beauty of freshly fallen snow, a cold shiver runs down my spine. The holidays. Are coming. Thanksgiving...more

5 Real-Life Tips To Prepare For The Holidays - No Martha Stewart Allowed

I was strolling through Atlantic Station and noticed the tiny park area was cordoned off.  I was puzzled for a second until I looked up and (duh) saw this massive structure....more

The Eating Season

November is the beginning of the eating season.The consuming of a variety of delicious foods begins in full,until one is almost tempted to moderate their intake of food.This slight temptation of moderation is almost always ignored.The desire to continue to gorge oneself is followed in the spirit of good companionship and custom....more

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas To Give Kids At Christmas

Ready or not, Christmas is around the corner. For many, this brings excitement, but for others, it brings stress. ...more
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Veterans day & Honoring our Heroes

Tomorrow is a very special day. It is a day for taking a moment and honoring those who have or are serving our nation in the armed forces. Men and women who protect not only our freedoms, but the freedom of others around the world, any time “Uncle Sam” calls.Here I share my family's history of serving, and how my local community came out to honor veterans this week....more