Make A Thankful Plate

I saw this idea last year on Pinterest in a baby shower theme and thought it could be worked into a fantastic way to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, or any special occastion. ...more

Kick off the Holidays with a Hot Toddy!

Are you still on a turkey hangover? I know I am! The end of Thanksgiving marks the transition from fall to winter for me. Once the turkey feast is over, I'm ready to put away my orange and brown decorations and haul out the red and green. Our house makes an amazing transformation on Black Friday. For me, Black Friday is not about shopping; it's about putting up the tree, decorating the house and enjoying a hot Tom and Jerry. ...more

A Fantastic Christmas/Hanukkah Gift Idea

Adventurers! I came across this amazing Christmas/Hanukkah gift idea and — seeing as the entire site is 30% off at the moment — couldn’t wait to share it with you!...more

You Will Recognize These People At Your Holiday Buffet!

What is it about standing in line for food that brings out the DMV in people?  This holiday season, whether you're (smart and) eating out at a restaurant, serving the hearty meal in your own home, or partaking in the holiday at someone else's house, chances are the scene will not resemble a Norman Rockwell painting. People will be getting up from the main table to obtain food from what we call a "Buffet."...more

Rearranging for My First Christmas in Burbank


Save Money with Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations and Giveaway

Decorating the house for Christmas is a family tradition that many people begin to do after Thanksgiving and as December draws closer.  In just a few short weeks, Christmas will be here and although it is only one day, the preparations and plans we tend to make for it involve a longer period of time.  More time and money tend to be spent during the holidays and I know that with kids, especially when one is in school, there are more preparations to make!  One thing I don't want to worry much about mentally and financially are the decorations.  An easy, low-cost way to dec...more

A relaxed approach to the holiday season

When I hauled the three boxes of Halloween decorations and costumes back up the attic, I realized that the candy bowl I’d been looking for the week before – the one with the grabby hand and sound effects – was in one of two other boxes of Halloween stuff that I had completely overlooked. “Oh, well,” I thought. “All this will still be here next year.”...more

Happy Thanksgiving!

I used to work at the grocery store for twelve years and my thanksgiving was cooking dinners for the customers until 3 pm. I would get home tired with no inspiration to prepare a meal for my own family. My husband then was the cook....more

Christmas, let's do this (but don't forget the whiskey)

Well, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm already breaking one of my major rules: No holiday music until the Friday after the big stuff-your-face day....more
Sure sounds good. Tomorrow I'll be making fruit cake. If you have time stop in at my blog for a ...more

The Goose Is Cooked

November 27, 2014...more