I Am In The Freaking Holiday Spirit. Come Join Me.

Bellonheels.com I cannot believe that I am about to confess this. But here goes….....more
Yea for you and yours! Here's to a great season.more

Thanksgiving 2.0

DIY No-Sew Sock Snowmen!


5 Sure Fire Ways to Conquer Holiday Loneliness

Conquering Holiday Loneliness ...more

Perfected Chocolate Chip Cookies - Bookmark this one!

Stop rolling your eyes. ...more


**I posted this last month - and I'm happy to see the people who've jumped on this bandwagon.--------------------------------------------------------------I've seen this button appear on  my facebook newsfeed...  ...more
Shannon akaMonty Denise  and that's why I do shop on Thanksgiving -- it's so much more peaceful. ...more

It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas Already!

In six short days, a war is going to break out in my otherwise (somewhat) peaceful household. November 1 starts the annual “War of the Christmas Music.” ...more
I love Christmas music too, and agree that it just gives me the warm fuzzies. And if I might ...more

DIY Mercury Glass

How do you think these would hold up as flower vases? You're putting water on the paint to ...more

Pumpkins, Corn and Smiles

 To me, one of the greatest joys of being a Mom so far is watching my child explore and experience things for the first time. Today was one of those days. We went to the 'pumpkin patch and corn maze'. We went last year, and he enjoyed himself. But he was still a little young to appreciate it all....more