Women's Day

Mothers Day 2013 has now come and passed. I'm glad to see so many of my mommy blogging friends remember not everyone is a traditional mom. I like Mothers Day just fine, but I think Women's Day would be even better....more

Preschool Pointers - 34: Be Sneaky

Problem:Something simple needs to change. For instance, it's a month past Easter and time to get rid of the messy, grass-filled basket. But how dare you? How very dare you? The Easter baskets must stay forever! In fact, your kids aren't even going to eat the last of their candy. They're preserving it. Forever. This is just an example. This can happen with any object at any time. Simple things. You need to slice an apple, or use the last of the grapes, or move the chairs. Change, omg, stop it!...more

Inexpensive Flower Pot Centerpieces

As fun as throwing parties and entertaining cab be, it can also get expensive. I’m always intrigued by the use relatively inexpensive and ordinary objects to create interesting party décor. Here are some pretty creative uses I found for using flower pots as centerpieces. ...more

Paddy, Not Patty

La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Daoibh!...more

Vegan Gluten-Free "Shamrock Shake"

Every time I log into Facebook this time of year, I see at least one status having to do with McDonald's famous Shamrock Shake. Several years ago, and against my better judgement, I tried one. I quickly decided it was not for me. It got me thinking -- wouldn't it be great if there was a healthier version, available to drink on St. Patrick's Day? So after a little experimenting, I came up with a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, "adult" version that I personally really like because it's not too sweet. ...more

ANZAC Kheer!

Shruti Nargundkar 26th January 2013 Australia Day, Indian Republic Day As I settle down to watch the morning news with a cup of tea, the hot topic for discussion on TV is the rising incidence of drinking and alcohol related violence on Australia Day in Australia. ...more

Hanging Hearts Valentine's Mobile

Visit my blog to read the tutorial for how I made this hanging hearts Valentine's Day mobile. http://girlinthegarage.net/2013/01/hanging-hearts-valentines-mobile/ ...more

So Sad Monday

     We are a bit behind everyone, in fact we're even late by our own standards.  Today the kids and I packed away the final remnants of Christmas decorations.  Why does this simple  task leave such a sense of gloom over the house? I can't imagine we are the only ones who feel this way....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com  Robin, Thanks so much for sharing.  While sympathy is always welcome it is ...more

Roasted Chestnuts

Guess what we did today, for the first time ever... we roasted chestnuts in our fire pit! Yes, I know... with the holidays over, it's a bit late to be talking about roasting chestnuts over an open fire. But let me explain......more