The True History of Halloween

The truth about "Halloween" This is the history....more

I Really Hate Halloween

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I hate Halloween. I think it's gross, weird and needlessly scary. And seeing gravestones in my neighbors' yards always upsets me. But maybe I'm just missing the boat here, so could you please explain to me why I should change my mind and get into the fun?Signed,Halloween Hater...more
Now that my only child has turned 18, he doesn't want to celebrate ANY holidays, let alone ...more

4 Expert Tips for How to Prep Your Business for Fall

As summer slowly comes to an end and fall starts up, it’s time to get your business back into the game for the holiday and shopping season! While there are plenty of tips I could advise on what small businesses need to do to get “back to school and back to business” today I’m seeking out expert advice from entrepreneurs and business owners on how they’re getting their companies off to a running start for the autumn season. Some of the answers may surprise you, so take notes!1) Hire new employees to join your staff....more

Fourth Decor


A Celebration of Two Nations: Canada Day & 4th of July

As a Canadian who just recently moved to the USA, this year has been full of changes for me.  Though most of them have been personal changes and adjustments - at this time of year, I am feeling particularly nostalgic for my homeland.  As Canada Day approaches, I'm reflecting about what it means to be Canadian.  ...more

Is Holidaying with the Kids a Pain or a Pleasure?

So the day has finally arrived, the day that I have  been dreading and dreaming of, well mostly dreading. Today is the day when I leave work behind me and take the kids away for the week. Well, 5 days actually but who's counting. I am excited to be able to have a break from work as it has been a while since I have had a prolonged period of rest, but am I leaping from the fire in to the frying pan? I suppose we will see....more

Women's Day

Mothers Day 2013 has now come and passed. I'm glad to see so many of my mommy blogging friends remember not everyone is a traditional mom. I like Mothers Day just fine, but I think Women's Day would be even better....more

Preschool Pointers - 34: Be Sneaky

Problem:Something simple needs to change. For instance, it's a month past Easter and time to get rid of the messy, grass-filled basket. But how dare you? How very dare you? The Easter baskets must stay forever! In fact, your kids aren't even going to eat the last of their candy. They're preserving it. Forever. This is just an example. This can happen with any object at any time. Simple things. You need to slice an apple, or use the last of the grapes, or move the chairs. Change, omg, stop it!...more

Inexpensive Flower Pot Centerpieces

As fun as throwing parties and entertaining cab be, it can also get expensive. I’m always intrigued by the use relatively inexpensive and ordinary objects to create interesting party décor. Here are some pretty creative uses I found for using flower pots as centerpieces. ...more