For Me The Holidays Are All About Traditions It is Christmas Eve. Arguable the best day of the year.Today is full of promise for what COULD be tomorrow. Anything is still possible....more

Tastes Like Christmas and other Christmas Traditions

Yesterday I wrote a post from Mama Kat’s Losin It’s blog’s writing prompts.  Sorry, there were a lot of possessive adjectives in that sentence…. woah.  Not fixing it, haha and I only care a little bit……..**Yesterday I wrote a post pulled from the writing prompts given on Mama Kat’s Losin It, a blog I’ve been following for a while because of the great prompts she gives.**I feel better now.Ahem....more

Dec 23 - Whu-Oh

Last minute Christmas shopping between 9-10 p.m. rocks – and that’s done!  Now I get to spend all day tomorrow wrapping before the last of our family holiday get-togethers at my Uncle’s house (YAY, an open bar!)But, I’ve been a bad, baaad blogger.  This is this first time I’ve posted anything in 3 days! Ummmmmm, I’m telling… Oh, yeah, I just did.  However – hopefully redeeming myself here – I’ve been working really hard on my Character Bios! Does that count?Wow, you guys are ruthless....more

Inside the 5 Biggest Travel Days of the Year

Holiday travel is usually stressful, and the large crowds, traffic jams, and delayed flights often contribute to this madness. However, some travel statistics might surprise you. Look over this information regarding the most traveled periods throughout the year to get the real scoop on these bustling holidays....more

Cheers, to Holiday Cocktails!

'Tis the season to get your drink on!And consume 568952645 calories in one month. Mike has been making the most festive Whipped Christmas cocktail all December long, we have these at least a few times a week! He even tops them with whipped cream and festive sprinkles, my heart is forever his.Who says holidays aren't manly!?...more

To tree or not to tree...

The answer? To tree. Or bush. My husband will accept either. He just won't accept "not to tree," which apparently includes the little sunflower arrangement in full Christmas tree position....more
AussaLorens Love it! You need to stand your ground early on.... I tried, but too late! :)more

Music is the Answer to Holiday Stress

It's a funny time of year - it's easy to feel lonely, homesick, or left out. But music is the answer - all kinds of great music. Music is mysterious, abstract, romantic, sublime. Music expresses the human soul. Listening to records from my childhood can bring out the tears... In a good way. So many memories, people gone. So much love and good times....more

It's Perfect Isn't It? The Lives (or is it Lies) We See On Facebook.

It's perfect isn't it.... the lives we see on Facebook... usually happy faces of people doing fun stuff ALL of the time. This time of the year you see pictures of Santa, Gingerbread houses, and an ungodly amount of cookies being baked. ...more

Waiting For the Real Thing

This is my favorite time of the year, as is true for most people I suppose.  The week before Christmas (and just a few more days now, actually) is the best, and the buildup just feels amazing to me!  There's a rush and excitement about it that is unparalleled and it's this anticipation that I look forward to the entire year!...more

Dec 20 - Let The Party Begin!

T.G.I.F.F.F.E.  (That’s Great, It’s Friday For Freaking Ever!)  Seriously, that’s what it’s going to feel like here in 3 days, when my kids don’t go back to school come this Monday OR the Monday after that!  When the boredom and cabin fever sets in after all of the holiday parties are over and presents unwrapped.  The new and shiny toys will last a few hours and then my youngest will be pulling his best Lurch impression, appearing out of nowhere with his gloomy face and solemn demeanor.  “Mom, can I… have a friend over, go to a friends, anything other than just be h...more