Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Well,I have been getting in the spirit of Christmas here at home. I have my tree up and had invited my granddaughter over to help me decorate.Her and her younger brother put up the christmas window decorations. Today I put  a string of christmas lights over the top of the sliding glass window as we don't use that to enter or exit.I have been admiring my work!A week ago I watched the movie ,"Christmas with the Kranks" and "Home Alone"...more

Dangers for Your Pets During the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, we forget that many of the things we enjoy can be harmful for our furry friends. Make sure they are safe from these hidden pet dangers. ...more

Seven Easy DIY Christmas Crafts

Do you want to decorate your home with some gorgeous DIY Christmas crafts, but need some inspiration? Look no further. These great projects are easy to do and will have your home looking holiday-ready in no time! Pick your project and follow the link for the instructions....more

Gingerbread Chocolate Cookies


A Message from your Therapist.


My Autistic Son's Best Holiday Break Ever

Let's be honest: The winter holiday season can really suck for Autistic people like my son Leo. Leo does not appreciate it when weekly school routines suddenly disappear, and are replaced by random social occasions with loud music, flashing lights, and people who don't even try to understand autism. When the holidays arrive, Leo generally shifts to coping rather than functioning mode, and holiday meltdowns are not uncommon -- not just for my son, but for Autistic people of all ages. ...more
annmerryafter thinking a bit more: If your takeaway is that I think refocusing can only be done ...more

10 ways to beat the holiday blues

A few weeks ...more

Have a Green Holiday

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Holiday parties, Christmas cookies, and black and white Christmas movies are some of my favorite things. But don't let the idea of buy, buy, buy take over your holiday. Here are seven ways to have an environmentally friendly holiday....more

7 tips to dodge holiday debt

Have a game plan because Holiday Debt is real.  It hits too many of us and even though we are in an economic crisis you may find yourself still wallowing in one yet again!  We try and tell ourselves to plan, prepare, save and even cut back on our upcoming shopping for the holidays, but that's not always easy when you get caught up into the season.  I've decided to share some saving and smart tips for keeping ourselves OUT of this vicious cycle.    ...more