16 Fun, Inexpensive Fall and Winter Activities

The fall and winter seasons are my favorite times of the year because I absolutely love the holidays! However, this time of the year can also be a budget buster. So, I've put together a list of things that are fun, inexpensive and great to do during some of the colder months....more

10 Tips For Finishing Your Christmas Shopping Early

Don’t hate me, but I am DONE with Christmas shopping. Okay, I need to confer with a SIL about a present for the young niece and nephew, but that is easy-peasy. ...more
RosemaryW I think Facebook Feed has been pretty valuable. I've seen what my nephew *liked* which ...more

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles/An Open Letter to Kevin Bacon?

There are not a lot of Thanksgiving movies to chose from, so this one always come to mind when November roles around. However, this movie makes me so angry. Only one John Hughes movie makes me more irate than this (She’s Having a Baby) and I don’t think it’s just because Kevin Bacon appears in both of them. But on that note:...more

TODAY'S TASK: Get Your Instagram Feed Holiday Ready

My goal for the 2015 holiday season is to make my Instagram a bit more "holiday-ready." Instead of snapping and posting, I want to slowly create a holiday presence on my feed, and make it feel just as cozy as my home. I want you to look at my feed and think "I definitely want to curl up by her fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket." ...more
MOAR KITTEHS! - Karenmore

Holidays on holidays on holidays (and a little gym drama)

Let me just start out by saying how thankful I am for all of our veteran's, both those who are here with us and those who are not.  I am especially thankful for people like my grandfather, his brothers and my great-uncle who fought in World War II, as well as those who are serving right now, like Mike and so many of his friends and classmates.  Being married to Mike has definitely given me a deeper appreciation for all of those who have served or are serving in the military.  It is a huge sacrifice to make and it definitely doesn't go unnoticed by me....more

Delectable Superfruit Chocolate Bark

Healthy dessert? Your holiday wish has been granted! I posted this on *Instructables for a contest awhile back, and now it's getting another shot at fame with Dolly Nomnom!...more
KatrinaFrawley-Schreib, It's a fun place to poke around! I just discovered it a few days ago. ...more

It's Okay Not to Be Happy About the Thanksgiving Holiday Season

In my Facebook news feed today, I saw one friend’s Christmas tree -- and it’s early November -- and another friend’s pumpkin pie recipe. Holiday decorations are out in the stores, and friends are talking about ordering their organic, free-range turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. Other friends are sharing cute stories about their kids’ Christmas wish lists and discussing where to find the best Santa for the annual photo op. ...more
The Ritzy Glitzy My best to you, too... thanks for your kind words....more

Holiday Blues

The holiday season is upon us my friends....more
FlightScarlet Thanks for the advice. Being so far away from family is difficult. Last year the ...more

Our Holiday Traditions

The Thanksgiving holiday is just a few short weeks away.  Our mailbox today filled with catalogs to tempt even the most modest gift buyer!...more