For All the Valentine’s Day Haters

Many people hate Valentine’s Day... and I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why.Image via ShutterstockHere are some you may have heard: ...more
Our first valentine together, when we were 18 years old, my hubbie and I did give cards and ...more

Skip the normal gifts; alternatives for Valentine’s Day!

Contrary to popular belief and a myriad of ads, there are alternatives to the usual symbols of "love" this holiday. You don't need to spend a lot of money on flowers or jewelry, you don't need to derail diets or lifestyles with a box of chocolates and dinner and a movie can fall flat as an expression of love. So, to help out the hopeless and maybe even the hopeless romantic, here are a few different ideas you could try this year....more

Stop, Drop, and Go. The Beauty of a Gift Bag.

There could be great debate about the best thing invented this last half century. A case could be made for the DVR, the cell phone, the 3D printer. All good choices, and there are many, many more that could vie for top honors. My vote? The humble gift bag. Without research to back my claims, I assert that the gift bag is the single greatest thing to hit the market since, well, wrapping paper. I would have a hard time coming up with good debate points on the merits of wrapping paper versus other common household items though....more

An Exhale of Acceptance

If it was simply an exhale of relief, I would know what to do. But it’s not. I find myself at this time of winter holiday feeling more fractured than ever. I don’t see my children anymore. One has indicated he wants no further contact, and the other continues as he has for almost twenty years. I don’t understand how any of this happened, but it has. I suspect it’s the tendency to hold others in a place of our own choosing that’s in play here....more

Orange Amaretto Cranberry Sauce

Have you started to make your Thanksgiving dinner preparations yet? Let’s face it, the holidays are a lot of work to make everything perfect for family and friends.  All the cooking. planning and organizing is all worth it though because it means time spent with those we love.  I’m here today  to help you get one of those Thanksgiving meal preparation items checked off your “to-do” list....more

Christmas Tree Ideas!

Christmas Tree Ideas! Christmas Tree Ideas come from all sort of places!For instance; I was cruzin through Boerne, Texas the other day and I saw the cutest tree!  Brakes applied and whipped into the drive way, out of my car like a shot with phone camera on and ready…Then….drum roll please:...more

The Christmas List

When my husband and I were first married we lived far away from family and that first Christmas I still wanted to connect with all of our loved ones even though we couldn’t be together. So I decided to send out Christmas cards. Because Microsoft Outlook wasn’t available back then, I went out and purchased an inexpensive softcover address book and began adding names to my Christmas list....more

Holidays with an Eating Disorder

For many years, there has been an uninvited guest at the holiday table. He is rude, selfish, awkward and annoying. No one knows how to approach him about leaving though. They feel that if they are too obvious or pushy, he will be offended, or maybe cause a scene. This guest is named Ed. He usually dresses the part of a polite guest, and for the first while when he walks through the door, he is on his best behavior. Once he sits down at the dinner table though, he is a force to be reckoned with. He pokes at his food, barely takes a bite....more
DarkSideRunner I'm so sorry! I just saw this. I hope the holidays went smoothly for you. I am ...more