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Deliver Me From the Holiday Road Trip to Hell

We're driving from San Francisco to Phoenix next week, to spend Christmas with thirteen much-loved family members. The "we" in this scenario is me, my husband, and our three children -- one of whom is a ten-year-old boy with rather intense autism. We've never been on a road trip this long, not as a family of five. I keep wavering between tentative optimism and freaking out, so perhaps you can tell me: Are we delusional? Can this trip succeed? ...more

We're taking all of your advice to heart -- and we'll report back. Fingers ...more

Explaining Holidays to Kids

It happens every so often -- you're talking to a kid and they innocently ask you what Chanukkah-Christmas-Kwanzaa-Solstice-Diwali-Zamenhof Day is all about (because they celebrate something else), and you start stumbling through the answer. I mean, I know what Chanukkah is about BEFORE someone asks. In my head, it is absolutely, perfectly clear, and I can even visualize miniature Macabees engaging in guerrilla warfare. ...more

I have a background in religious studies and I can give lots of history and 'facts', but many ...more

My Little Dragonfly

Dear Delilah,I'm not quite sure why, but since long before you were born, I've associated you with dragonflies. Before we knew your sex, we picked out bedding for you in shades of orange and green, adorned with dragonflies. Daddy found a great set of wire sculptures to hang on your wall, one a butterfly, the other a dragonfly....more

Holiday Southern Jam Cake

This cake is delicious.  I make jam cakes every year for Christmas.  My mother made them before me.  They are truly a southern tradition in our family. Old Fashioned Southern Jam Cake 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup canola oil 1 cup buttermilk...more

Butt Carols

My husband and I shower together.Which sounds all kinds of sexy.Except that it's not.Because the hubs works a lot, we don't have a ton of time together. So we try and spend what few moments we have during the week with each other. ...more

I absolutely LOVE this post. It was just perfect! Thanks for sharing :)


Don't Let Your Holiday Photos Go to Waste!

Perhaps the Christmas lights have been inspiring you. Maybe you've been to umpteen programs where your kids have been everything from an angel to a sheep. If you're of the baking or crafting type, you've no doubt been busy cranking out beautiful works and tasty treats, likely snapping photos of each finished project. Your memory card is filling up and you're not quite sure what to do with all those photos, are you? Let me help! ...more

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Behind the Scenes of a Christmas Card Meltdown!

Nothing brings my family closer together during the holidays than our annual Christmas Card photo shoot. The tears. The bribes. The clenched teeth. The drained camera battery. Click, click, click!It’s my own fault. Each year, I try to do something clever by type-casting my kids as reindeer and creating something more outrageous than the previous Christmas.  Our friends and family start asking about the card in November. Talk about pressure!...more

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Home for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! Fa la la la la. Such fun, so festive, a time of celebration! Or, as it’s known in my world, HOLY SHIT ARE THERE REALLY ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS???????  The fact that the past year has been a complete blur isn’t really surprising to me. However, the fact that we’re 18 days away from the New Year is shocking. Where has all the time gone? And now it’s the holidays! Do I have a tree? Nope. Gifts purchased? About 5 percent of what I need to get. Holiday plans? Not-a-one, unless “sleep until noon every day” counts. ...more

The Childfree & Christmas

At this time of year, people without children by choice can come up against inaccurate assumptions others make about them. One common assumption about this growing segment of the population is that we are more likely not to celebrate Christmas because we don’t have kids. We don’t have to do the Santa thing and all that surrounds it....more