Holiday Gifts for the Digitally Career-Minded

With the holidays arriving, even some of the most career-minded among us look forward to some time off (or at least more fun between workdays.) With a little thought, it's possible to send the worker bees in your life back to the office after the holiday with a thoughtful gift or two. And while it's nice to snag the shiniest new digital tablet, it's also possible to think beyond the iPad. (Although please Santa bring me one? Thanks.)...more
Okay that was supposed to say picks! Photography on the brain.more

Holiday Gifts for Pets

According to a recent poll, over half of American pet owners will buy pet gifts for the holidays, spending an average of $46 per gift. These animals can expect to receive primarily food and treats, followed by bedding, clothing, leash/collar/harness and grooming products. (What, no toys?) Also, one can assume that some lucky pets will receive more than one gift which is another version of Cute Overload....more
but of course!more

Add Flair to Your Holiday Greeting Cards with Photo Stamps

These days, we know how special it is to receive a real note card in the mail. Like with a stamp on it. Handwritten and all… It’s even more special if it’s also addressed by hand… And how about if it was personalized with a photo stamp to identify to sender? Even more charming....more

Doodle Per Diem #10

The doodle of the today is Santa Claus! I hope that he brings me lots of sandwiches!...more

Do you know your wine style? Throw a holiday party to find out!

Entertaining for the holidays? Tired of the boring old party with cliché holidays themes and dishes? Step outside your hosting comfort zone, and find out what kind of wine drinkers you and your friends are. You might just surprise yourself. And you will definitely have festive fun in the process......more

Welcome the Holiday Season, BlogHer Style, in New York and San Francisco on December 8!

It's hard to believe I'm about to say "welcome to the holiday season," but yes it is true. Stores are doing it, television is doing it and now we too are doing it -- we're diving head first into the holiday season! Once again, we'll host two meet ups, one in San Francisco and one in New York, on December 8 so you have a month to get your blogging friends together to celebrate. ...more
I would really like to pop in since I will be a couple of blocks away for another event from ...more

Turkeys are getting screwed

  I love fall and the start of the holiday season.  Halloween is the bee’s knees.  Thanksgiving rocks my socks.  And Christmas is the icing on the cake!But I hate how Christmas is taking over.  I walked into the store a week before Halloween and I saw Christmas stuff ALREADY....more

Links, Likes and Life

Today's a deep breath kinda day. A few weeks ago, I unofficially kicked off the holiday season with my first big party of the year (check out Bunco at Tiffany's)....more

New EP "Holidays At Home" by Tanya T6 now available on iTunes!

  To preview and download tracks from the EP "Holidays At Home" please visit: iTunes or    Singer-songwriter ...more

One Greeting Card for any Occasion

If you are like me, you keep a drawer or file folder full of cards for every occasion – because you never know when you will need a good card at the last minute. The last time I went through my cards, I  realized that there were some that I no longer found funny, appropriate or even nice looking and really wondered why I bought them in the first place (see the not-so-pretty evidence at right)....more