Holiday Balance: Small Actions, Big Impacts

Holiday Balance - Small Actions, Big Impacts Oh the holiday season.  As if our "normal" lives are not busy enough, now we add company parties, family gatherings, present buying/wrapping/returning, travel, and so much more into the mix.  So, how do you do it all?  Stay calm and focused?  Still find time for yourself to exercise or feel even a tiny bit good about NOT falling off the wagon?...more

The post-Christmas challenge

Even before the pre-dawn light began filling the room, even as our elderly cat Rudy tried to find a place to settle between our pillows, I was thinking of what lay ahead in the coming days. I don't know anyone doesn't enjoy Christmas. Sure, there's a lot of grousing (from me included) about how early we're subjected to holiday music. And, yes, the commercial aspects of the holiday season can feel oppressive at times. But on the day itself, people's better angels come out. ...more
@georgerede Nobody is perfect George and this comment says a lot about the person you are. Most ...more

Mirth Monday - Some Winter Break Advice

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home It's the Monday after Christmas. All you Moms out there are probably wondering about now how you're going to make it till the first day of school.So I've brought you a little advice from a few retro friends of mine. Sage women, one and all.Take notes........more
Words of wisdom when it comes to coffee and obscenities ;)more

The Gift of Blank

My mind is blissfully blank.The sort of blank that comes when I try to find words to describe the love I feel for my family.The sort of blank that comes from being wholly and completely in the moment.Nothing forward, nothing backward, just right now.It also may be the sort of blank that comes from lots of espresso, Swedish meatballs, cheese and crackers and delicious homemade turtles.It is the sort of blank that comes from being full up to the top of so many things.Blank like a smooth, calm surface....more

Forced Family Fun

Merry Christmas!...more

A Holiday Poem: Happy Holidays!

'Tis the day before Christmas, and all through our house,The children are always stirring, but, thankfully, no mouse.The stockings are hung by the chimney with care,In hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there.The children rarely stay snug in their beds,While visions of beach vacations dance in Mom and Dad’s heads;And Mama in her sweatpants and Dad in his baseball cap,Would love to settle down for any kind of nap.On Christmas morning our kids will awaken like a flash,...more

Holding the Green Tongue

This holiday season, many of us will travel outside our eco-comfort zones - far away from recycling routines and compost bins - to households, cultures and regions where green habits do not exist. And there, our heads will explode - some quietly and some not....more
This is always the problem, isn't it? I wonder sometimes if I'm not an effective advocate ...more

The Anti-Stuff Holiday Gift: My Son Reacts

It was a very risky idea, given how much he wanted Beats headphones ($200 headphones for a kid?) and a Wii.  But this past week I gave my tween-age son his holiday present, choosing to surprise him with the gift of an experience over a thing.Here's what came out of his 5-day art class (and I've got the pictures to prove it!)... ...more

Holiday Weekend Bake-Off

This time of year there is just not enough time to bake and cook all the things you would like. But the best way to be able to indulge in and enjoy all the holiday treats is to share recipes with friends, whip up double and tripe batches of each and swap! The sweets below are some of my faves so see who you can wrangle up so that each of you can make big batches of each and then get together for a holiday sugar overload!...more

Holiday Goings On

Today, I am sick....more