Wishing for the Gift of Delusion

I don't consider my request strange, but year after year my husband scoffs at it, and I've yet to receive it. My simple request, the gift of delusion. Not to the degree I firmly believe I've been abducted by aliens and parts of my brain have been altered. No, just a mild case of delusion. The unshakable belief that I can do anything I set my mind to would suffice.This gift would also benefit my writing. We ask readers to suspend disbelief for our tales, so what a gift it would be if I could better embrace "false belief(s) held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence."...more

Wordless Wednesday

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home ...more

Questions to Ask Yourself when Buying Presents for Your Kids

Stop! Put that back on the shelf. Click it out of your Amazon cart. Now, think. Gifts are great, but they soon turn from presents to pasts, so make sure that thing you are buying is going to last (and not drive you insane). These are important questions. Ask them before you make that purchase. ...more
WONDERFUL post! Let's forward it to all our grandmas, aunts & uncles, friends etc. I'm very ...more

A Mom's Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa: I write this letter to you using my son's pencil... on the back of this bill statement while I do laundry. I have been a good mother during this past year. I have fed, kept clean, and taken care of my kids accordingly. I have seen my kid's doctor more than I have seen mine. I have sold cookies and any other bullshit thing to raise money for my kids' school activities. Santa, I have never requested anything for myself after the age of ten, but I thought that perhaps this year could be an exception. As far as this piece of paper lets me write my wishlist down, I'll write down my requests:...more
LOL!! I love this! Now give back the pencil, Mom...more

Avoiding Sugar During the Holidays

I am very proud of myself. I managed to get through an ENTIRE Halloween season without eating a single piece of candy. For me, that's really big. What's huge, though, is the fact that I didn't even realize it until the day after the holiday. That means I didn't even think about candy for almost all of October. ...more
I'm definitly battling sugar right now!!! Ahh it's so hard. I love it. But I've recently ...more

It's my turn!

       When my kids are older and working with families of their own they're going to be concerned about what Mom wants for Christmas. I'd like it if they just gave me a big wad of cash and said "Go wild!" (I'll be giggling like a kid) It's a nice thought instead of worrying if they will be happy with what they get every year. For starters, they can buy me some clothes to keep me warm. Clothes that are in style so I won't have to listen to "Mother, what are you wearing?" at all....more

The Thought That Counts

Growing up, my mother encouraged us to make our own gifts and thank you cards all year long. But, let's be honest... anything a kid makes and gives to a parent is a masterpiece. I'll never forget the time Mom was sick and I made her a special salad. Lettuce with chopped up hot dogs and barbecue sauce. Voila! ...more

The Holiday Rut

The holidays are officially killing me. ...more

Dog Art Portrait - For the Pet Owner on Your Christmas List

Is someone on your gift list a serious dog lover?  If so, you will love, love, love the work of artist Amelia Santiago....more

Merry Holidays

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home I took my receipt from the cashier, white-knuckle-gripped the bar on the shopping cart, cast my eyes downward and muttered Merry Christmas under my breath as I sprinted out of the store.Why?Because I had this inner battle just before I opened my mouth: should I say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? I know that Happy Holidays is the PC way to go....more