And the Award for best wifey goes to.......ME

I Stand up and take a bow........I have just been awarded the "Best Wifey Medal"   Why, well it's simple. I booked another holiday, back to Hawaii. 2 weeks, no kids. Sun, Cocktails, and PRO BOWL TICKETS!!! Dear Hubby is over the moon. You see, we are Australian, we live in Perth. A place on the planet where very little happens and we holiday twice a year to remain sane. In 2006 we holidayed in "Hawaii" and the love affair began....more

Flying With Family

“Oh no,” said DorkyDad. “What a terrible start to a holiday.” We had just been treated to the sight of Alex Salmond, recently off a flight from London, strutting through Edinburgh airport. For a man in a crumpled suit, he exuded an extraordinary air of arrogance....more

Quirky 4th of July Hand Drawn Printables - Enjoy

Hi everyone. Just posted some 4th of July printables over on the Crafty Modern blog. Use them for cupcake toppers or hanging decorations or just whatever you like. Enjoy! ...more

Mothers Day 2011: Put Down that Damn Burger!

Like every holiday where I am hosting the meal I am usually told by my mother and/or husband & children to calm down at some point during the day. It's funny how those words always incite the exact opposite; this Mother's Day was no different. ...more

Mother's Day? What's That?

"Oh, my boss asked me to work tomorrow and Saturday night.""Oh, really?""Yeah, and Sunday is Mother's Day.""Oh, it is?"  A worried looked seeped into his eyes."Yeah, but don't worry about it, seriously, don't worry about it." I smiled. "I'm not your mother."...Mother's Day has always been very important to my own mother, and I'm not sure why....more

May Holidays

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the brilliant idea of celebrating obscure holidays as a month-long blog posting frenzy on my website. Each day I wrote about some way that I celebrated from cooking food to writing down a memory.The series was so much fun that I have continued it in April and now in May also. Here is the list of some various holidays I will celebrate this month including mine and my husband's 20th wedding anniversary on May 18....more

I've always enjoyed celebrating that one. :-)

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Moment of the Week - 36 first Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Dyeing!  Pics and video!...more

Greek Easter & Passover: Sharing Food and Feud

Greek Easter & Passover: Sharing Food and Feud Traditional family holidays meant&nbs...more

The Greeks don't hold back:) When my mother cursed, she did it in Greek, so the neighbors ...more

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We've been celebrating St. Patrick's Day via indulgent food choices for the last week!...more