The Festival of Sacrifice and Unexpected Eid Blessings

Being part of a community of worshipers is an integral part of being a Muslim, and of course my kids and family will always, God willing, attend Eid prayers and go to the parties afterward. In the future, though, we're going to take time to ... well, to breathe in the blessings that God has given us. Religious holidays are more than parties and candy and toys -- they are blessings. ...more

I agree. At least for me the improvisational aspect removed the pressure for things to go a ...more

Colorless Thoughts on Black Friday

I don't like Black Friday.  It's not the starting at ridiculous a.m....more


 Here it is, Thanksgiving Day, and I am not making a turkey.  There is no bread in the over, no pie cooling on the rack, no clink of glasses, no shovelling of forks.It's not that we don't like Thanksgiving over here; we definitely do.  It's one of my favorite holidays, in fact.  But I don't know how to make a turkey.  And I've never particularly enjoyed sweet potatoes.  With only the four of us here, and only two of us really eating, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to attempt a big meal filled with exotic things that definitely don't come out o...more

Eating Tips During the Holiday Seaon

This is an exciting time of year for everyone. Halloween is not so far behind us, Thanksgiving is coming up, soon the Christmas/Holiday parties will start to roll in and before we know it, it’ll be New Year’s Eve!...more


DISCLAIMER: Do not comment that I need to go to AA. I just want to talk about the wonderfully wonderful wonderfullness of my favorite drinks. Why? Because I can. K. Thanks. Bye. *giggles* ...more

Thanksgiving Perspective

I love Thanksgiving because it's an all-inclusive holiday. There is no way to offend someone by wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving, no political correctness involved. On this one day, in the good old USA, everyone is on the same page, celebrating the same thing. I know that not everyone has a turkey feast, and not everyone is able to find a reason to be thankful. But I also know we have enough in this country. More than enough. The problem is in distribution....more

Giving Thanks

I've been spending that last few evenings cruising the blogosphere to find topics of interest, and guess what... They are ALL about Thanksgiving, Christmas, crafts and shopping. I guess I'm feeling a little uninspired. I haven't done crafts in a very long time. Not since space aliens took over my life, er, no, I guess that would actually be the kids. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday and I firmly believe that there is no bargain worth risking my life....more

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You know I love to cook, love to eat and I try to be thankful a little bit every day so added all together it's a bonanza of happiness for me. This will be our 6th Thanksgiving away from home. I've had ingredients shipped, cooked very badly while unknowingly preggers, searched high and low for corn meal and shared two Thankful meals with wonderful Irish friends. This year should be no different. We are Americans after all.  However........more

Feel Good Stories of Thanksgiving to Get You in the Spirit

Not quite in the holiday spirit yet? Feeling down and out? Is your local newscast filled with the same gloom-and-doom as mine? BlogHer to the rescue! We've rounded up some recent feel-good news stories to brighten your day, get your Thanksgiving week off to the right start and generally make you count your own blessings. ...more

Thanksgiving When All the Kids are Grown-Ups

Life is different when your kids are grown, especially around the holidays. One of my sons lives in London with his new wife, the other in San Francisco with his cool girlfriend. We hardly ever get to be all together, and when we do it’s not for long. This year, as is often the case, it’s going to be Thanksgiving. Although I learned long ago not to get really nuts about it, here’s the truth: When your kids grow up there’s not a lot you can do for them besides feed them and not pressure them to be around when they can’t. ...more

enjoyed your post on thanksgiving visits with your two grown sons. It's a reminder that we are ...more