Christmas Cards As Meditation

Yup, it's that time of year again. Did I buy enough cards? Do I have current addresses for everyone? Can I get enough holiday theme stamps? ...more
Celeste Conner There is something really satisfying about slowing down and doing the work, isn't ...more

what's your reason for the season?

thinking about the christmas season – which is fully and completely upon us – yes, there’s officially no going back folks! i’ve been pondering what christmas really means to me, as a non-christ believer. i know this is a rocky topic and i hope i don’t drive any of you a way with this – but i felt that i needed to be honest and honesty and truth are one the of the things i’d like to show more of via my blog....more

Outgrowing The Make-Believe

You Can't Take It with You

Struggling to find that truly special, one-of-a-kind holiday gift? Here’s an idea: Instead of looking at the mall, look in the mirror.It’s you.Or, actually, your body—once you’re done with it.Granted, it’s not all that spectacular. (Fell off the ol’ 100-squats-a-day wagon again, eh?) But to med students learning anatomy, EMTs needing to practice lifesaving procedures, or creepy researchers eager to do god-knows-what with various parts and accessories, your body is perfect....more

What Teachers REALLY Want for Christmas (Aside from Motivated Students and Job Security)

Each year during my childhood, my mom's family would gather on or around Christmas at my grandparents' house.  My uncle (a music director in a private school) would bring a large box of gifts he had received from dozens of students.  He did this in hopes of pawning them off to my brother and me.  We thought we had hit the jackpot; a second Christmas, of sorts, since the gifts ranged from homemade muffins to Godiva chocolates to musical ornaments.  It never made sense why my uncle would voluntarily part with such treasures.  Looking back with keen teacher eyes, I finally see my uncle's annual holiday dilemma: keep and eat all gifts received whilst combatting indigestion and having a little less closet space than last year, or use what can be used and part with the unnecessary....more
I wish I'd read this back when my kids were still in elementary school!  I have a friend who ...more

Holiday Baking: Gluten-Free Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

I have lots of favorite things, like Disney World and vampire romance novels, but Christmas might just top all of them. One of the joys of Christmas for me is making cookies. It is just so much fun cranking up the holiday music while dancing around the kitchen whipping up some yummy cookies. And, of course, half the fun is stuffing said cookies in my mouth while dancing around! (At least I am exercising!) ...more
Looks great:) But is it really gluten-free? I'm not sure..more

Ten Favorite Things- Holiday Edition

1. CHRISTMAS TREES- They smell like heaven, they have an amazing way of getting you in the mood for the holidays, and they create the perfect ambient light!More......more

The Right and Wrong Ways to Request Time Off This Holiday Season

It's officially December, and that means family vacations, extended holiday celebrations, and, of course, getting the annual flu shot are in our midst. With all of the fun and festivities of the season, it's also the time of year where making up a schedule also requires checking it twice and then remaking it once more, to accommodate everyone asking for time off (regardless of whether they've been naughty or nice)....more

Chocolate salami cookies - no eggs no bake

No bake, no eggs cookies. Fun to make, incredibly easy and festive. I used to prepare the chocolate salami cookies when I was a child and now it’s time for my little Luca to prepare it with me and have fun together mashing the cookies and kneading the dough…and tasting some of it during the process (there are no eggs…no worries!!)....more

25 Days of Good Deeds (Christmas Countdown)

It's almost Christmas!!  Well not really, but it's getting a lot closer, a lot faster.  We still have to write our letter to Santa and I need to plan Christmas Eve and Day meals.  Yes I know when I said we split our holidays that it giv...more