The Goose Is Cooked

November 27, 2014...more

It's complicated: Why I prefer to forget Thanksgiving

Am I really being screamed at, literally screamed at, in front of the entire family?This thought ran through my head as my then-fiance (now husband) and I grabbed the folding chairs we had just brought in and hurried through my father’s garage to the car whose engine hadn’t had a chance to cool off yet.Screaming down the freeway, it was 20 minutes before I was able to speak without blubbering incoherently....more

Santa Needs a Xanax and a Camel Light

Santa may be in trouble folks.  I hear things are getting a little out of control up there in the North Pole.  In fact, as I sit here at five am, awake thanks to the stressful thoughts that wake me every morning at 4:30 AM from Thanksgiving until New Years,  Santa is up in the North Pole fighting a similar anxiety; he’s stressed out and losing sleep under the light of the Arctic stars....more

Christmas in December. And November.

I saw my first Christmas merchandise at Ikea this year. It was October 26. From that day, I’ve seen more and more. Now, a month later is it a full blown Christmas in Singapore.Like many of you, my initial response was “no! Not Christmas yet!” But on further reflection, why not Christmas yet?...more

My Sentiments Exactly

Finding the perfect greeting card should be easier.It’s such a frustrating routine of: reach for non-cheesy-looking card, read it, unleash my best eye-roll, angrily return card to its slot—repeat, repeat, repeat. I’ve bought more blank cards than ever this year because it’s simply easier to write my own sentiments....more

Why I Don't Think Anyone Needs to Pledge Not to Shop on Thanksgiving

Have you seen this? ...more

I Choose Him Over Family This Holiday Season

The Boyfriend and I are six months in and the holidays are creeping up. He’s an LA implant so choosing where to spend the holidays would be simple if this were an ordinary situation, but it’s not. My dad is not a fan of this relationship so for the first time ever I have to choose; spend the holidays with my family or with the boyfriend?...more

Three Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Holidays are the best time of the year filled with parties, celebrations, gifts, food, family, and friends.Or are they?...more

Season's Cleaning Tips From Merry Maids

The holiday season brings with it the excitement of gifts, joy of family dinners and the usual warm, fuzzy feelings. Underlying all of that is often the fear of being judged on the cleanliness of your home, not by Santa, but by your own near and dear ones. This year, Debra Johnson, home cleaning expert for Merry Maids, shares her tried and tested “Season’s Cleanings” tips that will satisfy even the most difficult in-laws and keep your name from ending up on the naughty list....more