Menu for a Vegan Thanksgiving

After writing my post on how to transition to a meatless Thanksgiving, the time was right to post some vegan menu options for your Thanksgiving spread. (The comments on that post have been so interesting. I hope that you'll head over there and chime in if you haven't already!) ...more
KylieMJ That chickpea cutlet recipe is so good and easy too!  I've heard that it freezes well; ...more

Will Your Ex Ruin Your Holiday?

The Story:...more

5 Things Every Mom Should Do This Holiday Season

I love the holiday season.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years — I love it all.  I also love snow and lights and all things festive. It just makes my heart smile.  I grew up in New York City and I still believe that nothing is more magical than a walk around Manhattan in the wee hours of the night during the holiday season.  It’s awesome....more

8 Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Ever since I was a kid, my birthday always signaled more than my entry into a new year — it meant the beginning of holiday season. Aside from Thanksgiving, I never celebrated any of the traditional wintertime holidays (although Eid did fall in the snowy months a few times). Regardless, winter was always a season for spending time with the family and exchanging gifts with friends. ...more

The Christmas Present Pile-Up: How Do You Avoid Buying Too Much?

I have always been of the idea that Christmas should be an over-indulgent, gaudy, extravagant holiday. What can I say? I love to give. ...more
I was raised on Christmases with loads of presents (though also a horror of debt), but I've ...more

Why We Split The Holidays

The holidays are here, and that means stress, hours of cooking, menu planning, seating arrangements, clean up, and more.  But, only for one of us (wait, what??).  You heard right....more
If it works for you and reduces stress on BOTH partners, who cares what the siblings think>more

Don't Be a Stuffed Turkey this Holiday: Stay on the Right Track

Thanksgiving is upon us, that amazing, wonderful holiday that is all about the 3 Fs: Food, Family and Football, not necessarily in that order.  Here are a few fitness tips to help you get through this great holiday without feeling and/or looking like a big stuffed Turkey:...more

Holiday Sweet Potato Mousse

The holidays are upon us, and that usually means letting out the waistbands and going into "turkey comas".  Although we do still enjoy some of the usual holiday fare, we have made a few alterations......more
wdolderer Thanks!  I was so happy that it worked out so great, it opens up a whole new "Pop Chip ...more

Humbugs and elves can coexist, I swear

I keep "Sleigh Ride" on my ipod all year long. I relish the arrival of red cups at Starbucks. If it were up to me, our 9-foot perennially perfect faux pine would already be blinged out. I mail cards....more