Holding Hands: More Intimate than a Kiss, More Powerful than a Hug

Throughout the years, my mother often quoted lines from Robert Fulghum’s famous piece of writing All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Not a day went by where we didn’t hear, “Wash your hands before you eat” (a nod to #8 and sound advice for sure). But she especially liked #13: When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. I especially liked the one listed above it: Take a nap every afternoon. But the older I am getting, the more I have come to appreciate her choice....more

Stop the Slut-Shaming Already

Men often insult other men by calling out the sexual history of their wives or girlfriends. Ladies, haven't we had enough?...more
Right on!!  It boggles my mind that people think absolutely nothing of sitting around, ...more

Online Dating Horror Story #7: You Live WHERE?

A number of years ago, I started writing to a man from an online dating site. He seemed nice and we arranged to meet....more

The Hysteric's Guide to Valentine's Day

The Hysteric's Guide to Valentine's Day...more

Poem ~ Willow World ~

I cannot hold you nearFar away you standUpon the shore of sanctuaryInto the dusty landFrom whence the rumble cameThe fire in your bloodStirred in the dreams of all you keepDrowned in the words of love...more

Who Knows?

I’ll start by saying I don’t like to speculate on why people do what they do. However, in regards to the recent shooting in California by the 22-year-old virgin, I am chiming in after all. The reason is that I am a surrogate partner therapist treating a number of “late virgins,” and what I offer has helped many of them enter into solid intimate relationships for the first time. This therapeutic model is based on  Dr....more

Are You Overexposed? Why Should He Buy the Cow When He Gets the Milk for Free?

Question of the day: Are you overexposed in your relationship?  Have your previous "womanly charms" become invisible to the naked eye of your beloved?  Do you recall the day when the slightest smell of your hair sent your lover into an intoxicating trance that made his eyes roll back in anticipation of a passionate kiss?...more

The Breaking Up Is HARD to Do blog

DAY 1:  The Breaking Up is Hard to Do blog...more

Is Social Media Killing Your Sexual Life?

Before we had migraines and fatigue to avoid sexual encounters now Facebook & Twitter?A study conducted by the university of Chicago shows that social networks represent the strongest addictions among 18-25 year olds.Social networks are greater temptations than sex, alcohol and tobacco. The researchers from Booth Business School have asked 250 people aged 18 to 25 years in the city of Wurzburg, Germany....more