I've been exposed!

Do one thing everyday that scares you....more

Things do happen for a reason…sometimes you just have to wait…

I haven’t posted in a while. I have been incredibly busy with work and school and family-but that is not the topic of this post. I recently made a tough decision. I have decided to go a different direction in my educational career, a choice that will ultimately change my entire life....more

Does Facebook Really Make Kids Stupid?

For years, academics, educators and all manner of pontificating pundits have been bemoaning the downfall of intelligence at the hands of technology. The use and over-use of television created, to hear them tell it, passive, stupid children, and thus the name “boob tube”. Video games are blamed for producing violent, fat, under-achieving students. ...more

There is no doubt that "the benefits of Internet use to their academic and intellectual ...more

Wild Things! You Make My Heart Sing!

 Unless this story has become dislodged from your subconscious since childhood and you've forgotten that Max doesn't get eaten by any Wild Things, then there is only one suspenseful moment in the film version of Maurice Sendak's story. Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are" is hardly a plot-driven movie so there's no need for any spoiler-alerts in this review of mine. For me, the suspense comes only when the most deeply mournful and mute Wild Thing finally speaks....more

Dear Karl Lagerfeld, Kiss My Plus Size Ass!

Dear Karl,Obviously your "art" is more important to you than anything else.  How vacuous, how narcissistic, how stupid.  Perhaps you might emerge from your skinny, black wearing, ego-centric bubble?  You, with your celebrity are more responsible than the average citizen for the well-being of our daughters.  My husband & I have lain awake nights wondering when the next time our child might eat will be......SO, kiss my plus sized, blooming, ass!  Love,Patricia, mother of 3, artist, feminist, writer....more

I'd Like to Thank.......

With the Emmys having come and gone, I fantasized receiving the trophy like I do every year.  So, I’m going to share with you my acceptance speech for next year, because I want it to be just perfect when the time comes...and it will...really....more


I love this show! “Glee” is being hailed by critics as new and fresh and like nothing we’ve seen before (except for those other critics who're saying it's a show you'll either love or you'll hate) but what I’m enjoying - in addition to the singing and dancing and good performances all around - is that everything about it is kind of old-fashioned.  Retro.    ...more

Active Supervision, the Unsung Hero

Ask 100 parents if they supervise their kids, and I bet every last one will say they do.However, as someone who works in public health and child safety, my lie detector would start beeping immediately. I know better. ...more

9/11: Too Easy to Forget and We Can Help Remember

It sounds trite to say that we must never forget September 11, 2001.  It is trite I guess -- the kind of trite that comes when something is so true that there aren't enough ways to say it.  And of course that's what this is - we can't forget 9/11 - not really.  Sadly though we can let it become just another day like Veteran's Day where people sigh, think for a moment and move on. ...more

This is a great topic! I also just heard about the 9/11 Day of Service initiative. It's another ...more

Twitter Talk

Let's talk Twitter for a moment, shall we? ...more