Evaluating the danger in exposing your family to the big, bad internet.

I have always been of the mind that the exposure my family receives as a result of my blog is not nearly as dangerous as the exposure they receive as a result of just living life.  I think the potential for predators to lurk at the park we go to often, hoping for a wayward child to fall into their hands, is more of a tangible threat than the possibility of some pedophile surfing mommyblogs looking for a child to stalk.  So, I've posted my family photos on Facebook..on Myspace..on Flickr..and on my blog without batting an eyelash.  But I've had something happen that has forced me to rethi ...more

Back to School Memories: Mademoiselle's "College Issue," Sylvia Plath and Me

It always amazes me when Staples starts running that "most wonderful time of the year" ad because kids are going back to school and their parents are so happy.  As we whose kids are grown and gone know, those summers are irretrievable treasures.   I was thinking about all that and suddenly, oddly in fact, remembered my own favorite "back to school" memory.   ...more

Loved hearing about your memories Cynthia! Thanks for sharing. It is definitely fascinating ...more

I Hate Robbins Bros

First, the commercials. These obnoxious radio spots where the two brothers with annoying, whiny voices are talking about romance like they think for a second that it matters. They are guys. They obviously know how to make money, and that is likely their priority. And then occasionally their "wives" do a spot that basically makes them out to be idiots. I know they're just trying to make the best of the family business, but still. ...more

Reality TV - At What Cost To Your Family

I often wonder what people watched on T.V. before the phenomena of reality T.V. shows.  It seems to have drawn such a huge audience, and week by week, viewers want to know about the rantings between a couple or family, what goes on behind closed boudouir doors, who cheated on who, the expensive purchases that are made, swapping households, etc.  Its all in the name of entertainment, but at what cost to the individuals, especially the children that are on the shows. ...more

The Timorese President is in Town

Tuesday, Jul 07 2009 Jose Ramos Horta on East Timor & Western Sahara [World Politics] -  vitalingus - @ 11:50:am President Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor is in Melbourne ...more

And That's the Way It Was: Remembering Walter Cronkite

The first time I saw Walter Cronkite in person was during the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968. The one with the riots.  I was still working in the McCarthy Campaign then.  He was anchoring CBS coverage and some kind producer had taken pity on me and let me into the CBS suite at the Hilton. ...more

Hey Cynthia - I met Mr. Cronkite one time over lunch about a decade ago. It's a favorite ...more

The dealings with general uncleanliness

Lord knows I try, really I do. I threaten, I scream, I plead, I beg, I demand, I reason, I order, I compromise, I donate. Our house is being overrun buy children's playthings. ...more

Farrah, Michael and Special Memories

Originally, I was going to blog about the rotten weather in NJ and why wearing one of my summer wraps is good even when it's nasty out.  But the death of two celebrities who were a large part of my growing years kind of blew that out of the water for the moment. ...more

We can write a lot about brevity

I love words whether written, spoken or sung they have power. They can expand us with knowledge or debilitate us with emotion. The art of communication isn’t in the number of words used, as less wordage & fewer sentences often enables us to process the genuineness of character or content without clutter. Well informed people know that it is best to keep their answers brief and to the point. When you give a confident woman a compliment she merely smiles and says ‘thank-you’. ...more