Social Anxiety and the Pressure to Be Perfect

I believed as a teenager that if I were just pretty enough and smart enough and funny enough, that everyone would love me. I am an optimist and since it was clear that everyone did not love me, it followed that I must be challenged in one of the above referenced areas. Therefore I should just keep trying to be prettier, smarter and funnier for social bliss to ultimately come my way. ...more

I frankly did not understand this was a condition at all until I did some research and ...more

BlogHer ’09 Speakers in the News: Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy is serious about allowing her children to grow, learn and experience the world from her “free-range” approach to parenting – and it’s one of the reasons we’re so excited she’s speaking at BlogHer ’09 about online safety for kids. ...more

reallly appreciate your thoughtful material on this ...more

Will The Antichrist Be Gay? You Betcha, Says Wasilla Pastor

On Monday, The Frontiersman, the newspaper of Wasilla, Alaska — that place that gave us Sarah Palin — publi ...more

vita means life vita means business

Loving Vita clients [Vita's Clients] -  vitalingus - @ 08:25:am   ...more

Redrum! Redrum! NOM's New Ad Uses Children To Scare Adults

On the heels of its ridiculous "Gathering Storm" video, the  ...more

Sometimes a small rebellion is enough.

You know that feeling you get when someone cancels a plan and all of a sudden you have this unexpected clump of free time?  It’s exciting.  It’s a gift.  You were looking forward to the thing, but once it’s cancelled through no fault of yours,  you’re now looking forward  to not going. It’s  a slippery slope from there to canceling something you planned for no reason except you don’t feel like it anymore.  At first it felt like a not-nice thing to do, but I have my rules:   1) I consider whether anyone else be hurt by my actions. ...more

Sarah Palin — The Next Best-Selling 'Fauxthor'

So, Sarah Palin has landed a book deal with Harper Collins. She won't write her own memoir — she'll have help from a "collaborator," someone capable of writing readable paragraphs — but she's got a deal, nonetheless. And the moment the book is released next spring it will be a bestseller. ...more

Mary and Max Oscar Winner Adam Elliot's new feature film

Tuesday, Apr 07 2009 Mary and Max's journey [Vita's Arts & Culture] -  vitalingus - @ 02:11:pm Adam Elliot and his Producer Melanie Coombs ...more

An Open Letter To Oprah Winfrey On Sexual Bullying

Dear Oprah, Thank you for your show on sexual bullying yesterday. You helped to put a very serious issue under the national spotlight. I'm disappointed, however, that you didn't address that bullying is a learned behavior. ...more

I could relate because I was bullied in school. It is very devesating and something that should ...more