Lesbian Films Movie Review - "Gray Matters" 5Stars

Lesbian Films Movie Review - "Gray Matters" 5Stars ...more

Social Networking - Shall we dance? Or not? Help!

Facebook. MySpace. Twitter. Do these words stir up feelings of frustration? Elation? Or, perhaps, if you’re like me, confusion? ...more

I'm not on Facebook, but I do love Twitter!  It's a good way to make friends, link back to your ...more

Internet Influencers Win an Epic Golden Globe

Tina Fey scored another award for her brilliant baby 30 Rock: a new Golden Globe award last night for Best Performance by an Actress.  Her acceptance speech was fabulous.  Heartfelt and funny just as you would expect, but mostly fabulous because she gave props to the power of Internet publishing. Tina's acceptance speech began by acknowledging that she knows she has been fortunate to have an exceptional year and is grateful for the reception her work has received. ...more

You know, I have to admit that, given the chance to stand in a room full of every camera in ...more

Excerpt From Bitch Magazine-1

Wow, came across this article online the other day. ...more

Oprah Winfrey, PLEASE Shut Up About Your Weight!!

DAHLINGS – Yesterday on CNN, I watched aghast as Oprah Winfrey tearfully confessed how “embarrassed” she was to attend a photo op with Tyra Banks and some other woman. Or maybe some other two women; I was a bit distracted by sheer irritation. ...more

...and thanks for saying it.  Really, it's been 20+ years that she's been talking about this, ...more