Waging War on the Mommy Wars

 I was out with my friend getting coffee with our babies; I had my youngest in my Ergo carrier and she had her daughter in a stroller. We chatted about the struggles of motherhood (fun fact: your hair starts falling out just when they learn to grab and pull it... so you're basically bald), and how great it is to have a friend with the same parenting mindset (we're hippies. It's cool)....more
I agree 100% and here is ...more


I write and I have a blog. I follow many blogs covering a wide range of subject matter. Some of them are referred to as 'mommy blogs.' I'll be turning 60 this August, so while I can still relate to the trials and tribulations of toddlerdom, the wake-up calls for mommy at 3 a.m. and remember well the difficulties in trying to squeeze 20 hours of tasks into the 18 in which I was semi-awake, it's the more controversial issues confronting mothers today that interest and sometimes disturb me....more

The Root Cause of Mommy Wars

Wikipedia eloquently describes the term Mommy Wars as, “The battle between working mothers and stay-at-home moms. Arguments center around the most effective use of one’s time in raising children.”Madeline looking fierce.And then there is this recent gem, that will make you rethink everything you have done and toss your hands in the air....more

It Takes a Village

Nothing gets the Internet in an uproar quite like an article about stay-at-home moms or working moms.In the past week, I've come across three different articles about stay-at-home mothers. I know better than to click on these, but I couldn't help it. I fell right for the "click-bait" (which I'm learning is a real word). In all three, I felt compelled to read to the end (and skim the comments, which I also know better not to do). Maybe it's because I'm teetering on the edge of working outside the home or maybe I'm just exactly the kind of sucker the Internet gods love to torture....more

Mommy Wars - The Apocalypse

Bayside, New York, 10:33pm ...more

Would Your Kid Survive in a REAL(ish) Mommy War?

The mommy wars. Cruise Facebook for more than 10 minutes, and you'll find a thread that does at least one of the following:...more

Please Don't Call Me a Supermom

When I tell people I've gone to the store, or out to eat, or made dinner, or gotten a few hours of work done, or some other apparently monumental task while being responsible for all four of my kids, I get exclamations of amazement. "You're a supermom!", they'll say. Or, "I only have two, and I can barely manage most nights!" Or, "I don't know how you do it!" I know these are meant as compliments and are honest reactions to something outside their own frame of reference. And I appreciate them as such....more
So True!  We all do our best.  Some of us do things I wish I could.  Others of us don't do ...more

What Do Fit Shaming, Fat Shaming, Slut Shaming, and Mom Shaming Have in Common?

I remember the first time someone called me fat in an internet comment. We were having a debate about the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. The person on the other side of the conversation was saying incredibly offensive homophobic things, and I was working very hard to stay level and calm. He then told me that my "girth" would prevent me from joining the military so I didn't get to have an opinion. Then he bragged that he didn't care what a "fat liberal feminist" thought anyway. ...more
I feel so sad that you had to put up with so much abuse online.  I once wrote an article for the ...more