31-Day Photo Challenge

A few things have collided today - the first day of the month (perfect time to start something new), I remembered a 30-day scrapbooking challenge that I wanted to do, and I opened my new camera. Oh - and I launched my new FaceBook page. With all that going on, I am starting a 31-Day Photo Challenge and invite you to join me. Each day, take a photo as listed below. Interpret the assignment as you wish. Use your digital camera, phone, iPad, pin-hole camera - whatever you choose. Then share it on my FaceBook page....more

Familial Photo Joy


Favorite November Photos:

At the Experimental Photo Lab:  A short list of my favorite photos from November by other photographers. ...more

Blended Family Photo Shoot

Living, Loving, Laughing... http://youthinkyoucanblog.wordpress.com ...more

{this moment}

I've been wanting to do a {this moment} post for a long time. ...more

Using the Alt Attribute With Your Photos


Cruising in Saint Petersburg

The second stop on my cruise was Saint Petersburg, or St. Petersburg, in Russia. A city I had really looked forward to visit. So I was very excited when we arrived there. Now Saint Petersburg was the only city where we had to have a Visa if we wanted to enter.Full post and photos at: Cruising in Saint Petersburg ...more

How We Survived Hurricane Irene – In Pictures

Those of us deserted in the New York City by friends and family who rushed to the suburbs for safety, spent most of our hurricane weekend on the phone reporting that everything was fine. Now, as the deserters were struggling to get back to the city, we decided not to disappoint them and tell them how it really was.Getting ready for the big wave...more

A Cool Freebie!!

If you're anything like me...your camera is never to far from your hand.  And I worry about my computer crashing and losing all my photos.  Especially those from my wedding and pictures of the kids and grandkids.  But I've found a solution and it's 100% free!MiMedia is an online storage site that offers up to 7GB of free storage!  You can store photos, videos, music and more.  And access your multimedia from anywhere, whether on your own system or not!  Perfect for those who travel....more

Fallen tree

Today I decided to take Lisen to the forest. However, we didn't get very far because of this fallen tree on the forest road. I even got out of the car in the pouring rain to try and pull the tree aside.Full post: Fallen tree...more