365 Days of Carol Anne (An Amazing Moment of Patriotism)

Day 190  Seriously. Can you believe we're 190 days in to this year? Unbelievable....more

365 Days of Carol Anne (Adventures in Dermatology — The Full Body Exam Explained)

Day 189 This is my relieved face ...more

Lyckeby river and The Crown Mill in Sweden

Even though I live in quite a small suburb called Lyckeby in Sweden, there are a lot of things to see around here. Like Lyckeby river and The Crown Mill. The Crown Mill in Lyckeby is actually on the World Heritage list!Full post with photos and video at: Lyckeby river and The Crown Mill in Sweden...more

My Midsummer food pics

This Friday we celebrated Midsummer Eve in Sweden. So I thought I'd share some pics and info about what we traditionally eat and drink at Midsummer Eve.Full post at: My Midsummer food pics ...more

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Royalty Free Images for Mompreneur Business Blogging - Review & Giveaway

Isn't Content King? What The Heck Do I Need Images For?As bloggers blogging for business - selling services, ad space or working towards Brand partnership - we all need our sites to be visually appealing. A great theme is a must, but what about your posts and pages? ...more

Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden

Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden! The Leaf market is a truly traditional Karlskrona market, in fact this market has been a yearly tradition in Karlskrona for over 200 years.Full post and photos at: Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden...more

My weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden - lots of photos!

I spent this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden and I decided to do some serious sightseeing! Trams. Nordstan. Paddan boat sightseeing. Göta Älv. Wheel of Gothenburg. Gustaf Adolf's square. Views. Saluhallen. Skansen Kronan. Liseberg amusement park. Roller coaster.Lots of photos and full post at: My weekend in Gothernburg, Sweden ...more