What I Learned Today

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to insert pictures into a Blogher post - whelp, I think I have it down!Learning the process involved finding a tutorial, setting up a Flickr account and finding free art (thanks, Kozzi!).If a photo of a "happy Black woman face" appears in this post, then I've got it. If not ...more

Ikea real or fake photos?

 Ikea photos: Real or Fake?...more

Wordless Wednesday


Copyright: YouTube? Recipes? LOLCats? What's Safe? - A Follow Up on the Photo Debacle

                                        Photo by Alexander Henning Drachmann (cc)...more

31-Day Photo Challenge

A few things have collided today - the first day of the month (perfect time to start something new), I remembered a 30-day scrapbooking challenge that I wanted to do, and I opened my new camera. Oh - and I launched my new FaceBook page. With all that going on, I am starting a 31-Day Photo Challenge and invite you to join me. Each day, take a photo as listed below. Interpret the assignment as you wish. Use your digital camera, phone, iPad, pin-hole camera - whatever you choose. Then share it on my FaceBook page....more

Familial Photo Joy


Favorite November Photos:

At the Experimental Photo Lab:  A short list of my favorite photos from November by other photographers. ...more

Blended Family Photo Shoot

Living, Loving, Laughing... http://youthinkyoucanblog.wordpress.com ...more

{this moment}

I've been wanting to do a {this moment} post for a long time. ...more

Using the Alt Attribute With Your Photos