For Better or For Worse? Childbirth in Popular Culture

After watching the live cesarean birth on the TODAY show last week and then the commercial for Jennifer Lopez's new movie, The Back-Up Plan, during the Superbowl, I've been thinking a lot about the way childbirth is portrayed in popular culture - on TV and in the movies - and how that influences us. ...more

Have you seen Vicki Elson's movie, Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth Vs the Real ...more

Need an answered prayer?

JMJ Do you have a prayer request? A special need?  Well, I spent all night placing a live webcam to Lourdes, France on my website, including a little mailbox to their prayer request email.  All kinds of weird computer problems kept cropping up, and I kept offering them up as a prayer, which did help to keep me from being annoyed.  Then... This morning I got an email from a friend who told me that today is OUR LADY OF LOURDES FEAST DAY!  Wow.  I had no idea!  That is just so cool... ...more

To See Your Face - SAHM Project - Entry Three

Today I get to see the most amazing thing. I get to see the face and features of the little boy who is changing my life. That's right, today I am getting a 4D sonogram of my little guy! My husband, daughter, and I are going to be stunned I'm sure at the amazing sight of this baby inside my tummy. I'm also excited because I'm going to have a visual reminder of why I'm making this drastic life change. You see, I have guilt. ...more

The Unrelenting Self-Doubt And Second-Guessing of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

You're never gonna know what the exact right thing is to do.  You just aren't. How much does that suck? Being a parent is tough business, and for those of us with postpartum depression or anxiety I'd venture to say it's even tougher.  We start off on the wrong foot from the very start.  This leads to even more self-doubt, even more guilt, and even more second-guessing. I still do this all the time. ...more

A (Belated) Year in Review

I know, I know. 2010 has already been in full-swing for a month now, and everyone did their year in review and resolutions in January. What can I say?...more

Oh, Goody

I knew it couldn’t be a good thing when my family Doctor left his cell phone number on mine and told me to call him anytime that evening. Hmmm…a mysterious painful numbing sensation ultimately resulting in a rash on my fingers and toes had suddenly invaded my personal space the other day. It followed a virus I had caught from my one-year old twins (who are in daycare and catch everything right now!) This virus had me calling for my momma to help with the twins however. I had muscle aches and cramping and my energy level was slothlike. I could not do anything for the babies....more

Moms in Boyland

Welcome to the first Mom's in Boyland blog!...more

I'm sorry, but your pregnancy is totally freaking me out. No offense.

Right now there are about a half dozen women I am either friends with or acquainted with who are currently pregnant. They post their big news all over Facebook and upload ultra-sound images and snapshots of their ever-growing bellies.  They even have professional photographers come in to photograph them and their husband hugging, holding, kissing and caressing that belly.  It's absolutely precious. And it totally freaks me out. ...more

I was always so bored by some friends' pregnancy photos and pregnancy talk and I wondered if ...more

Mama needs an easy button

I'm feeling a bit contemplative today. There was an article this morning on Good Morning America's website about a recent study done on women over the age of 30 in the UK. The study found that after 30, 90 percent of a woman's eggs are gone. Like, poof. Vanished. Vamoosed....more