Best-Laid Birth Plans

I am Canadian. New York magazine, therefore, hits my news stands three weeks late and I have only just read “Extreme Birth,” Andrew Goldman’s article about NYC home-birth midwife Cara Muhlhahn and home births in general. I have been wanting a good lead-in to a home birth discussion for a long time, so even though this article prompted much ...more

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez commends support of online community on Blog for the MOTHERS Act Day!

Menendez, Author of Legislation to Combat Postpartum Depression, Applauds Grassroots Show of Force on Blog Day FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 20, 2009CONTACTS:Menendez Press Office 202-224-4744 Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act has broad support in Congress, needs public pressure to overcome procedural obstacles ...more

I just tweeted your link, Corsakti.

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My Mom Body...

I just read that the next Back Talk topic is going to be the Mom Body. As a woman who has just given birth to my last child a little more than 3 weeks ago, this is something that I am currently dealing with on more of a full scale basis than I normally would. Growing up, I was the tall, skinny girl. People called me Daddy Long Legs... In 6th grade, my nickname was "High Water" because I couldn't find any pants with long enough legs. I heard all the horrible names - Bean Pole I think was the one I heard the most of them all.  ...more

Wow....our stories sound sooooo similar!  I got the whole 'beanpole' nickname too!  I'm like ...more

I had a baby but couldn't take her home

Funny how special occasions like weddings and funerals and birthdays cause you to reflect. My oldest daughter is turning 7 this Saturday. There's nothing really significant about 7. It's not her first birthday. She's not entering her preteen years or sweet sixteen or eighteen, none of those significant age markers. But somehow this birthday seems to be having an impact on me. The thought of my daughter turning seven, that seems so old when she's so young. ...more

Open Letter to Hanna Rosin

Dear Ms. Rosin, Part of my professional training program is weekly group supervision with a psychoanalyst.  He stocks his waiting room with a variety of different kinds of magazines, one of them being The Atlantic.  Recently, they published an article you wrote, The Case Against Breastfeeding.   ...more

Mercury In Fish: Safe Harbor to the Rescue

I wanted to let BlogHer readers know I just posted an article about the problem of mercury in fish, and a new company that is testing and labeling fish, and making it available for grocery stores to sell.  I interviewed the CEO of Safe Harbor Malcolm Wittenberg, who shared how he feels the FDA guidelines are not enough to protect us from the high amounts of mercury in most fish.  ...more

TTC: The Beginning

As stated in my intro, I’m 33.  I have no children, just one very spoiled kitty.  I live with my boyfriend; been together for over 2 years.  I am a part-time caregiver to my terminally ill mother. ...more

Respect to the duty and those who wish they had one

I used to think people who said they like being pregnant are liars. How can you really like it? What's to like? You have a big belly, lots of extra weight and you're tired all the time. How can you like a life like that? ...more

6 Nausea helpers

Chemotherapy and nausea. The words go hand in hand. Medicine has come a long way in helping control nausea over the years, in my case Emend was a lifesaver. Unfortunately for some people even that is not enough, plus it can run $150 per three day cycle. If this is your first round of chemo no one is going to be able to determine the degree of nausea you'll experience but after the first round you can plan ahead. ...more

My Hero!

Last night I went to a book reading and signing with Heather B. Armstrong. She is the blogger behind, which is Positively my favorite blog.  I check at least five times a day and gobble up absolutely everything she writes so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that not only was she releasing a book, but she would be doing a reading in New York City! If you can’t imagine my excitement then I’ll just tell you that I did a little jig that looked like a combination of Lord of the Dance and an epileptic fit. ...more